*Fists in the Pocket*. 1965. Italy. Directed by Marco Bellocchio. Courtesy Photofest

I Pugni in tasca (Fists in the Pocket). 1965. Italy. Written and directed by Marco Bellocchio. In Italian; English subtitles. 105 min.

With Lou Castel, Paola Pitagora, Marino Masé. Blending politics and psychology, Bellocchio’s first feature, made when he was 26, was among the first Italian films to give voice to the anger and alienation that would define the generation of 1968. Riding that resentment, the Dutch actor Lou Castel became a cult figure as the seizure-prone young man who unilaterally decides that the world would be better off without some members of his decaying, haute bourgeois family—including his blind mother (Liliana Gerace), whom he lures into walking off a cliff.

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This film accompanies Marco Bellocchio: A Retrospective.