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Cy Twombly. Untitled. 2005 508

Plaster, paint, wood, cardboard, metal, paper, cloth, twine, and pencil, 46 1/4 x 11 x 17 1/8 (117.4 x 27.9 x 43.5cm). Purchase

Artist, Bernadette Daroux:  My name is Bernadette Daroux. I’m an artist.

Untitled 2005 is a stack of objects on top of each other, coated in plaster. At the base, it’s this wooden box, and then on top of that is a can. On top of that is a metal funnel with a paint mixing stick. Coming out of that is another small funnel shape and then a round, long piece of wood. The top—it looks almost like an ice cream cone and that hot pink stick reminds me of the cherry on top.

In this piece, plaster is used as a coating material. But it’s not like a coat of paint because it does have some really interesting texture. Twombly probably stacked all of these elements and then was drizzling this plaster on and smoothing it in with a paintbrush as it was starting to dry.

On the backside of the wooden pedestal at the bottom, there is a paper heart with the word "snafu" written on it, which made me think, oh, this piece is a happy accident. Because the acronym for SNAFU is “Situation Normal: All Fucked Up,” and I think that perfectly describes this piece. It’s a bunch of normal materials that are hidden with this layer of plaster. Plaster brings all these random objects together in a way that makes a concise, interesting shape.