*Tripa Chuca Serpent* (Serpiente de tripa chuca)

Guadalupe Maravilla. Tripa Chuca Serpent (Serpiente de tripa chuca). 2021 27

Metallic paint marker, dimensions variable. Courtesy Guadalupe Maravilla and P·P·O·W, New York

Narrator: The artist Guadalupe Maravilla was born in El Salvador. He made this wall drawing by playing a game called Tripa Chuca with one other person. In English it means “dirty guts.” To play, two people attempt to draw a path between numbers while avoiding the marks they have already created. Here’s the artist:

Guadalupe Maravilla: And what it looks like, it's almost like this kind of organic labyrinth. It looks like a fingerprint. It looks like tripa chuca, like a drawing of rotting guts on the wall.

The Tripa Chuca game is really important for me because It comes from my memory of being eight years old when I was escaping war in El Salvador.

Narrator: That trip was dangerous. Maravilla wasn't able to travel with his parents. He wasn't sure if he would make it to the United States. And once he got there, he wasn't sure if he would be sent back to El Salvador.

Guadalupe Maravilla: I had a little notebook that I used to play with people that I met during my journey from El Salvador through Mexico by land. It was a two and a half month journey, and I would play this game with all the children, with people that were taking care of me. It was a way to kind of talk about where I come from with other people. And now, at the museums and galleries, I play with someone that has a similar journeys. It becomes almost a mapping of two people in the walls.

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