Laurie Simmons. Blonde/Red Dress/Kitchen, from the series Interiors. 1978 33

Silver dye bleach print, 3 1/4 × 5" (8.3 × 12.7 cm). Joel and Anne Ehrenkranz Fund. © 2022 Laurie Simmons

Narrator: To make this work, the artist Laurie Simmons built scenes out of dollhouse furniture and then photographed them. She didn’t try to make her scenes perfect so some objects are bigger than they should be.

For example, can you find the can of beans on one side of the table? Now look for the white pot on the other side. That pot is much too small to cook that giant can of beans, don’t you think?

Here’s the artist:

Artist, Laurie Simmons: The chairs, the food, the stove, the sink, the woman—I like the way they all occupy the same importance in the picture. That seemed like it gave it a kind of magic. I like the way, in that kitchen, it's always five after six. It's always the dinner hour.

I see these pictures as being a little lonely, like where is the rest of the world, where are the other people, where's the rest of the family? And I think that loneliness is something that I was trying to speak to when I made the pictures. It's interesting for me that a picture can be so colorful and so bright and so lonely at the same time.

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