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Teddy Cruz, Fonna Forman. Manufactured Sites: A Housing Urbanism Made of Waste/Maquiladora, project (Model, 2005). 2005-2008 45

Bass wood, styrene plastic, paper, and gesso, 11 x 27 x 18" (27.9 x 68.6 x 45.7 cm). Gift of the PARC Foundation

Kanon: I see a small village of interesting buildings. I wonder what kind of community this can be?

Fonna Forman: Millions and millions of people across the world are living today in houses just like this. These are people who have traveled a long way, refugees, migrants, who arrive in a city and there aren’t enough places to live. And so people begin building their own houses, and this is what those houses look like.

Lyric: What material would the houses be made out of?

Teddy Cruz: Imagine you have to build your own house out of nothing. What would you do? You find pieces of wood, garage doors that somebody left somewhere. You have rubber tires that are not used anymore, and you begin to construct your own house, made of recycled materials.

Scheherazade: I wonder, can pets have a good experience there? I cannot see kids. Is it grown-ups only?

Fonna Forman: Inside the house, it’s like any house. There’s a place to sleep and a place to cook and a place where people can sit together and talk and play games. Sometimes kids arrive with their cats and dogs and fish and they make a little space inside the house so that their pet has a home too.

Teddy Cruz: This is what is happening inside this model. People are building their dreams. These places are full of possibility.