Ruth Asawa. Untitled. c. 1955

Brass wire, iron wire, and galvanized iron wire, 116 × 14 1/2 × 14 1/2" (294.6 × 36.8 × 36.8 cm). Promised gift of Alice and Tom Tisch. © Estate of Ruth Asawa.

Paul Lanier: I'm Paul.

Aiko Cuneo: I'm Aiko.

Addie Lanier: I'm Addie, and we're three of Ruth’s six children.

Paul Lanier: So this is a long, looped wire sculpture made by our mother

Addie Lanier: In my mother's living room, it's a great big tall ceiling, but off to one side, there’re these three little windows. That was our bedroom. And we had to get up to that bedroom by a ladder because we didn't have any stair. And you could very quietly
remove the boards that are up at the top of the living room and you could peek out, and you could spy on everybody down in the living room below.

Aiko Cuneo: She was always working. Her hands were always busy, looping the sculptures. The ceiling was very, very tall so that Ruth could hang her very long sculptures so that we could still run underneath them.

Paul Lanier: These sculptures often had crayons or pencils stuck inside them, or paper airplanes stuck up on top of them.

Addie Lanier: She never told us. "Don't touch this" or "Be careful."

Aiko Cuneo: If you did touch one, they did kind of swing, it was like a person moving out of the way