Florine Stettheimer. Family Portrait, II. 1933 14

Oil on canvas in artist's frame, 46 1/4 x 64 5/8" (117.4 x 164 cm). Gift of Miss Ettie Stettheimer. © Estate of Florine Stettheimer

Narrator: This is a family portrait by Florine Stettheimer. The artist is on the left wearing a black suit and red shoes! Can you tell what she’s holding in her hand? It’s an artist’s palette with paints. The other people are her sisters and her mom.

Curator, Anne Umland: They are seated in chairs, very nicely dressed, but then in the middle float three huge flowers, and then in the background, it looks like a beautiful blue sunny day, an ocean view, and then in front of that ocean, are all these ghostly images of buildings. And then next to the Statue of Liberty there’s this little, can you see it up in the right-hand corner? Dragon figure with a crown, and if you look under that dragon figure, you'll see the address of a street here in New York City. And in fact, that was the address of where Florine Stettheimer lived.

And the other thing that she did to make this portrait special is she designed this very unique frame, with all these loop loop loops. If you were going to make a portrait of your family, what would you include?

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