Andrea Zittel. A-Z Escape Vehicle: Customized by Andrea Zittel. 1996 5620

Exterior: steel, insulation, wood and glass. Interior: colored lights, water, fiberglass, wood, papier-mâché, pebbles and paint, 62" x 7' x 40" (157.5 x 213.3 x 101.6 cm). The Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation, Inc. Fund and an anonymous fund. © 2022 Andrea Zittel

Director, Glenn Lowry: In the 1990s, artist Andrea Zittel took an interest in RV culture. She was fascinated by the idea of retired people moving into recreational vehicles, and hitting the road.

Artist, Andrea Zittel: I was really surprised that most of the other RV-ers we met actually would find one spot that they really liked and just settle down there. Where originally I had thought that people liberated themselves by moving around in the world, I realized that they really just liberated themselves by paring their lives down to these intimate and controllable little nucleuses.

Based on that idea, I wanted to make a prototype for a new kind of RV. And that was the Escape Vehicle. Instead of going somewhere in the outside world, the slogan was that when you want to escape, all you have to do is climb in and close the hatch.

Glenn Lowry: Zittel made ten identical vehicles, which could be purchased and tailored to each owner’s ultimate escape fantasy.

Andrea Zittel: Each one was a reflection of the owner’s private life. We did a sensory deprivation chamber that had a floatation tank inside of one. Another one had special exhaust fans to smoke cigars in it. Another one was like a cross between Cinderella’s carriage and a limousine inside. It had baby blue velvet and a wet-bar.

This was my own Escape Vehicle. The interior was inspired by King Ludwig of Bavaria’s Grotto. He would float around in this boat and listen to Wagner.

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