Gedi Sibony. The Middle of the World. 2008 246

Vertical blinds, 36" x 7' 5 1/2" x 13" (91.4 x 227.3 x 33 cm). Fund for the Twenty-First Century. © 2022 Gedi Sibony

** GEDI SIBONY:** Hello, my name is Gedi Sibony. The way this happened was the space across the hall from my studio became vacant. And at night I would go in there and the windows all had these vertical blinds in them. And one, in particular, had the air conditioner space cut out from it so the blinds hung shorter in that area.

It triggered something and I wanted to take it but I felt a little bit frightened in that space. It was a little bit spooky and it was dark and in order to get it, I would have had to stand up on the edge of this window in a precarious position.

So I waited till my friend Roy came over one night and we went over there and he passed it down to me and I carried it through the door and brought it into my studio and put it on the floor and was very careful.

Sometime during that procession, I became deeply attached, sort of overcome with the feeling of, you know, what is this thing that I'm doing here? What is my life that I'm nervously detaching this object and nurturing it in this kind of way? It was a very loaded moment carrying this thing and gently placing it on the floor. I left it on the ground, in exactly this position. And I felt very much like I was taking this thing from the middle of the world this place that's so close that it's right across the hall but it's somewhere mysterious.

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