Rirkrit Tiravanija. untitled (free/still). 1992/1995/2007/2011- 2680

Refrigerator, table, chairs, wood, drywall, food and other materials, Dimensions variable. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Wallach (by exchange). © 2022 Rirkrit Tiravanija

Director, Glenn Lowry: Tiravanija encourages you to not simply observe or pass through Untitled (Free/Still), but to explore it.

Artist, Rirkrit,Tiravanijia: I would like to you to spend some time because there are details that may not necessarily look so important. They might be a trivial, or they might not even be beautiful. There are little things that one should think about when experiencing the work.
Looking at the work itself every day is a different experience. The curry is the curry but it’s not some kind of time stop motion, it’s actually moving, and, from one day to the next, a lot of things happen externally from it that affects what happens internally. How one approaches it, how one thinks of it, shifts.

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