Keith Haring. Untitled. 1982 2660

Ink on two sheets of paper, Sheet: 72 x 671 1/2" (182.9 x 1705.6cm)
Part (panel a): 72 x 360 3/4" (182.9 x 916.3 cm)
Part (panel b): 72 x 310 1/4" (182.9 x 788 cm). Gift of the Estate of Keith Haring, Inc. © 2021 The Keith Haring Foundation

Studio Manager, Julia Gruen: It was a very creative time in New York and the downtown East Village art scene in the late 70s and early 80s was incredibly fertile. It was like being the proverbial kid in the candy store.

Director, Glenn Lowry: In a 1986 interview, Haring described what it was like to be a part of the re-emerging East Village art scene.

Artist, Keith Haring: The art world was starting to go through a tremendous transformation and all of a sudden painters were starting to appear again and people were interested in painting. When I got here everyone wanted to be in a band, now everyone wants to be a painter.

Club 57 was really one of the first places where we sort of just got together and organized one night exhibitions and then later doing things like in the Mudd Club and Danceteria and these other places. Mainly because it was geared at not making the audience necessarily come to where the work was but taking the work to the audience.

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