Alexander Aleksandrovic Vesnin (Russian: Александр Александрович Веснин) (1883, Yuryevets – 1959, Moscow), together with his brothers Leonid and Viktor, was a leading light of Constructivist architecture. He is best known for his meticulous perspectival drawings such as Leningrad Pravda of 1924. In addition to being an architect, he was a theatre designer and painter, frequently working with Lyubov Popova on designs for workers' festivals, and for the theatre of Tairov. He was one of the exhibitors in the pioneering Constructivist exhibition 5x5=25 in 1921. He was the head, along with Moisei Ginzburg, of the Constructivist OSA Group. Among the completed buildings designed by the Vesnin brothers in the later 1920s were department stores, a club for former Tsarist political prisoners as well as the Likachev Works Palace of Culture in Moscow. Vesnin was a vocal supporter of the works of Le Corbusier, and acclaimed his Tsentrosoyuz building as 'the best building constructed in Moscow for a century'. After the return to Classicism in the Soviet Union, Vesnin had no further major projects.
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Vesnin attended the Institute of Civil Engineering, Saint Petersburg, and graduated in 1912. Subsequently, he studied painting with impressionist artists Yan Tsionglinsky in Saint Petersburg and Konstantin Yuon in Moscow, from 1909-1911. Vesnin then worked in Vladimir Tatlin's studio known as "The Tower" (1912-1913), and later became involved in theater and costume design for various productions by A.Y. Tairov at the Kamernyy Theatre, Moscow. Vesnin was Professor at VKhUTEMAS from 1921-1924, and a teacher at the "Institute of Architecture, Moscow" from 1930-1936. He was also a founding member, with Moisei Iakovlevich Ginzburg, of the Association of Contemporary Architects (OSA) (1925), and edited, with Ginzburg, "Sovremennaia arkhitektura", the journal of the OSA (1926-1930).
Russian, Soviet
Artist, Architect, Costume Designer, Professor, Editor, Painter
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Vesnin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovic Vesnin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovič Vesnin, Alexander Alexandrovits Vesnin, Aleksandr Vesnin, Alexandre Vesnin
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