Wanda Wulz (Trieste, Austria, 25 July 1903 – Trieste, Italy, 16 April 1984) was an Italian experimental photographer. One great example of her works is the self-portrait merged with a portrait of a cat.Wanda Wulz was born on 25 July 1903 in Trieste, Italy. Both her grandfather Giuseppe Wulz and her father Carlo Wulz were photographers who shot social events and created portraits of fellow artists and local intellectuals. Wanda began her career photographing musicians, dancers, and actors in Trieste. She exhibited six photographs in Rome in 1930.In 1932, she joined the Futurist movement after meeting Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in an art exhibition. Her photography in the late 1930s would frequently incorporate superposed images and motion. She eventually left Futurism at the end of the 1930s.
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