Who can participate in the MoMA Internship Program?

Our Internship Program is open to current students with at least two years of college completed at the time the specific internship begins, recent college graduates, graduate students, and beginning museum professionals.

We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines to apply.

There is currently no High School Internship Program. High school students and recent high school graduates should visit moma.org/teens for more information about MoMA programs.

What is the timeline for the seasonal internships? Do they happen every year?

Yes, our seasonal internships are offered every year. Fall internships run for 12 weeks, September–December; spring internships run for 12 weeks, January–April; and summer internships run for 10 weeks, June–August.

Do I have to be currently enrolled as a student to be eligible for an internship?

No. Our Internship Program is open to recent graduates and beginning museum professionals, as well as to college students.

Can international students participate in the Internship Program?

Yes, many international students participate in the Internship Program. All interns are expected to be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing the English language (but you do not need to submit your TOEFL scores).

If you are accepted into the program, MoMA will sponsor your J-1 training visa. U.S. State Department policy varies depending on your country of origin. For questions regarding visa eligibility, contact your country’s embassy. Note that the process of acquiring a J-1 training visa takes approximately four to six weeks.

Seasonal international interns are responsible for obtaining health insurance for the duration of their stay. 12-month interns will be eligible for health insurance under the Museum’s plan.


How long should my essays be?

Essays should be no longer than 750 words for seasonal and 500 words each for 12-Month applications.

Is there a specific format for letters of recommendation that my recommender should follow?

No. We do not have a required recommendation form. However, if your recommender has professional stationery, the letter should be written or typed on letterhead. Letters should state the relation between the candidate (you) and the recommender, who may be your professor, advisor, employer, former employer, or internship coordinator. The letter should explain how long the recommender has known you and why they believe you are you qualified for an internship at MoMA. It should describe your strengths, talents, and level of experience, as the recommender sees them. We are looking for the demonstration of responsibility, intelligence, certain skills, and maturity. The recommender should be honest and help us assess whether candidates will be a good fit for, and get something out of, an internship at MoMA.

Letters can be as short as a paragraph or as long as several pages. Recommendation letters should be addressed to the Internship Coordinator; this title is sufficient. Many recommenders prefer to seal the envelope across the back and sign it, but this is not required. You may email this with the rest of your application materials. If your recommender prefers, he or she can email the letter directly to internships@moma.org with your name and the term for which you are applying (e.g., “Recommendation Letter for John Smith, Spring 2017 Internship”).

If you are an international applicant, you may send a letter of recommendation that is not written in English, but it is helpful to include a translation of the letter.

Recommendations are only required for the seasonal internship programs and not for the 12-month program.

What is a transcript?

A transcript is a list of the courses you have taken in college and/or graduate school, and the grades or marks you received. A transcript can be obtained by contacting the registrar or the Office of Student Records at your university. Some transcripts may also be obtained online, depending on your university’s policy. You may send an official or an unofficial transcript; photocopies of originals are also acceptable.

Transcripts are only required for the seasonal internship programs and not for the 12-month program.

Can transcripts and letters of recommendation be sent separately from the application?

Please see the specific application instructions for the seasonal internship programs. Recommendations and transcripts are only required for the seasonal internship programs and not for the 12-month program.

Should I submit additional materials with my application, such as writing samples, slides, or exhibition catalogues?

No. You should only submit the materials listed in the How to Apply section.

May I submit my application before the deadline?

Yes. You may submit your application before the deadline. However, MoMA will not review your application until after the application deadline.

Is the application deadline the date by which the application must be received or the date by which the application must be postmarked?

The application deadline refers to the date by which your application must be postmarked. It is not necessary to submit your application via express mail.

Can I apply for more than one internship term at the same time (i.e. Spring and Fall internships simultaneously)?

No. Because we do not review applications before their submission date, we will only consider you for one internship term at a time.

However, you may apply for the fall and 12-Month Internship programs at the same time. As the application form and requirements for each program are different, you must submit two separate applications.

Can I do an internship at MoMA during alternate dates, for example during winter break in January?

No. The Internship Program only hires interns for set terms—for our fall, spring, summer, and 12-Month internships. We can only accommodate interns who are able to work during our program times.

If I am accepted into a program, may I defer my acceptance to a future date?

No. We only hire interns for specific projects that change from term to term.

Due to the large quantity of applications we receive, we can’t hold onto a copy of your application in our files. You are welcome to send it in again if and when you wish to reapply.

If I am not accepted into the Internship program, can I reapply?

Yes. To reapply, you will need to resubmit a complete application. Due to extremely high volume, we do not keep past applications on file.

May I participate in more than one internship at MoMA?

One may only participate in one seasonal internship. However, former seasonal interns may apply for the 12-Month Internship Program.

The Selection Process

How many interns do you accept into each program?

Typically, we hire about 10 12-Month Interns each year and 25–30 interns for each of the spring, fall, and summer terms.

Do you conduct interviews before accepting applicants into the program?

Yes. We contact select candidates to set up an interview, which may be conducted either in person or over the telephone, depending on your proximity to MoMA. We interview all of the candidates who will be accepted into the Internship Program.

Do you conduct informational interviews?

No. Because of the volume of internship applications and the number of people interested in the Internship Program, we don’t have time to meet with people until they have been selected for interviews. If we decide to schedule an interview with you, we will contact you and ask about your availability.

About the Internship Program

What types of projects will I be working on?

Internship projects are based on MoMA’s needs and requirements, and are assigned to interns with the appropriate skills and interests. All of the internships have an administrative component.

Do you offer internships in the General Counsel and Finance departments?

No. Neither of these departments offers internships, and they don’t plan to do so in the future.

Is it possible to receive academic credit for participating in the Internship Program?

Yes. We provide letters of reference and necessary documentation so that interns may arrange for academic credit through their schools.

If I am accepted into the program, does MoMA provide intern housing?

No. The Internship Department has a list of suggested housing, which consists primarily of hostels and student housing. Once you are accepted into the program, we are happy to send you a copy of a suggested housing list, but it’s up to you to arrange accommodations.

Are there volunteer opportunities at MoMA independent of the Internship Program?

For information on volunteer opportunities, please visit the volunteering section. Note that MoMA does not generally take on volunteers for the summer or for periods of less than a year.