• Mr. Hulot’s Holiday

    1953. France. Jacques Tati. 88 min.

Saturday, December 19, 2009, 8:00 p.m.

Theater 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 1), T1

  • Mr. Hulot’s Holiday

    1953. France. Directed by Jacques Tati. Screenplay by Tati, Henri Marquet, with the collaboration of Pierre Aubert, Jacques Lagrange. With Tati, Nathalie Pascaud, Louis Perrault, André Dubois. Vacationers at a Brittany seaside resort get down to the business of having fun, only to have the unfailingly well-mannered and well-intentioned Monsieur Hulot show up and make a fine mess of things. In his first runaway success, Tati, a lifelong sportsman, creates wonderful set pieces out of fishing, tennis, and canoeing, along with ingenious gags involving a paint can, a funeral wreath, a gust of wind, and a Pavlovian bell that announces dinner—all in celebration of life’s gentle rhythms, its fleeting, paradisiacal moments, and even its tedious drudgeries. Citing Tati’s “non-narrative” and “innocent” way of seeing, Dave Kehr calls Les Vacances “one of the most radical films ever made….[Without it] there would be no Jean-Luc Godard, no Jean-Marie Straub, no Marguerite Duras—no modernist cinema.” This newly restored version incorporates Tati’s 1960s re-edits, as well as his 1978 addition of a scene that sends up Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Restored by La Fondation Thomson pour la Patrimoine du Cinéma et de la Television, La Fondation Groupama Gan, Les Films de Mon Oncle and La Cinémathèque Française. In French; English subtitles. 88 min.

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