• Theatre Girls

    1978. Great Britain. Kim Longinotto, Claire Pollak. 56 min.

  • Pride of Place

    1976. Great Britain. Dorothea Gazidis, Kim Longinotto. 60 min.

Saturday, May 9, 2009, 2:00 p.m.


  • Theatre Girls

    1978. Great Britain. Directed by Kim Longinotto, Claire Pollak. This cinéma vérité documentary captures the gritty daily life of destitute women at the Theatre Girls Club in Soho, London—the only shelter in London that takes in homeless women at any time of day or night. Drinking binges, severe withdrawal, mental breakdowns, and skirmishes are everyday realities for the women who live there. The filmmakers lived in the hostel for several months, capturing the daily rounds of explosive meals, conversations, and encounters with the staff. 56 min.

  • Pride of Place

    1976. Great Britain. Codirected by Dorothea Gazidis, Kim Longinotto. At the age of seventeen, Longinotto ran away from a girls’ boarding school in an isolated castle in Buckinghamshire. In this dark and expressive documentary, the director depicts her former school from the students’ perspective, following their daily routines and exposing the severe punishments of the school’s headmistress. One year after the release of the film, the school was closed down. With Pride of Place, Longinotto set the tone for a long career of films in which individuals revolt against oppressive authorities and stifling traditions. New York premiere. 60 min.

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