<i>Ordinary Boys</i> / <i>Chicos normales</i>. 2008. Spain. Daniel Hernández
  • Killer

    2009. USA. Adam Leon, Jack Pettibone Riccobono. 9 min.

  • Ordinary Boys

    2008. Spain. Daniel Hernández. 85 min.

Saturday, April 4, 2009, 6:30 p.m.

The Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  • Killer

    2009. USA. Directed by Adam Leon, Jack Pettibone Riccobono. Documentary or not? All-night stakeouts, the rush of adrenaline, and the recklessness of adolescence define an urban right of passage. 9 min.

  • Ordinary Boys

    2008. Spain. Directed by Daniel Hernández. In a small Moroccan village that was home to many of those responsible for Spain's 2004 terrorist attacks, two young men and a young woman struggle to make ends meet. Although Rabia studied law, her only work option is as a seamstress, which she hopes to parlay into owning her own shop. Khader is an aspiring actor who pals around with Youseff, a small-time crook with a bum leg and a missing brother. While they try to figure out ways to get some cash, Youseff searches for clues to his brother's whereabouts. Documentary filmmaker Daniel Hernández's slice-of-life drama paints a portrait of regular people with simple desires and examines how the specter of infamy casts a pall over simple dreams and aspirations. 85 min.

In the Film exhibition New Directors/New Films 2009

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