<i>Give Me Your Hand</i> / <i>Donne-moi la main</i>. 2008. France/Germany. Pascal-Alex Vincent. Courtesy of Strand Releasing
  • Relevé

    2007. Germany. Bastian Caspar, Sebastian Natto, Denis Trümbach. 9 min.

  • Give Me Your Hand

    2008. France/Germany. Pascal-Alex Vincent. 79 min.

Saturday, April 4, 2009, 9:00 p.m.

The Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

  • Relevé

    2007. Germany. Directed by Bastian Caspar, Sebastian Natto, Denis Trümbach. Sometimes it takes a weirdo to make a dance for the camera that breaks your heart. 9 min.

  • Give Me Your Hand

    2008. France/Germany. Directed by Pascal-Alex Vincent. Twins Antoine and Quentin hitchhike to their mother's funeral in Spain, but what begins as a buoyant, innocent escapade grows emotionally darker as the journey progresses. Vincent's debut feature is an ode to brotherly love and loathing, rivalry and intimacy, as the twin's symbiotic relationship borders on the obsessive and is defined by their shared and separate experiences. The palpable beauty of the physical world mirrors the character's internal states and is observed by a director who has the eye of an Impressionist painter. Opening with an animated sequence, the film's visual language recalls Japanese anime as well as the palette of Vincent van Gogh. Give Me Your Hand is a startlingly original piece of work, in which choreographed images contain secrets that make the minimal dialogue even more meaningful. A Strand Releasing release. 79 min.

In the Film exhibition New Directors/New Films 2009

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