• Desert Dream

    2007. Mongolia/China. Lu Zhang. 123 min.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

  • Desert Dream

    2007. Mongolia/China. Written and directed by Lu Zhang. Bakchul, Bat-Ulzii, Osor Bat-Ulzii. Hungai, who lives with his family on the isolated Mongolian Steppes, is stubbornly devoted to the reforestation of the barren land that surrounds him. When his wife and daughter leave for the city, Hungai finds himself hosting a pair of North Korean refugees, Soonhee and her son Changho, who gradually fill familial roles that Hungai never cherished with his own wife and daughter. Desert Dream is more than a frontier tale of the lone ranger and his lost horizons; it is a minimalist paradox that uses epic proportions to map out the numerous borders that corral the desires and realities of self-styled nomads and settlers. Zhang Lu composes his ambitious epic with picture-book simplicity and rhythmic off-screen sound tapestries without surrendering the humanism of its drama. In Mongolian, Korean; English subtitles. 123 min.

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