• Impressions of Upper Mongolia—Homage to Raymond Roussel

    1975. Germany. José Montes-Baquer. 49 min.

  • Chaos and Creation

    1960. USA. Salvador Dalí. 17 min.

  • Destino

    1946/2003. USA. Dominique Monfery. 7 min.

Saturday, June 28, 2008, 2:00 p.m.

Theater 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 1), T1

  • Impressions of Upper Mongolia—Homage to Raymond Roussel

    1975. Germany. Directed by José Montes-Baquer. Influenced by French filmmaker/scientist Jean Painlevé, Dalí frequently experimented with the camera lens's agility with perspective, deep focus, and particularly the close-up. Painlevé's miniature cinematic world is virtually re-created on the brass band of a ballpoint pen, on which Dalí "regularly urinated to expedite oxidation" (Elliott H. King). Dalí invited Montes-Baquer to make a film examining the chance markings that resulted—set to a narrated fable about hallucinogenic mushrooms found only in Upper Mongolia. In French; intermittent English subtitles. 49 min.

  • Chaos and Creation

    1960. USA. Directed by Salvador Dalí. Philippe Halsman. Often called the first artist's video, this work employs a documentary style and includes a "happening" that recreates a Piet Mondrian painting using pigs, popcorn, and a scantily dressed model. Created on the occasion of the Fifth Annual Convention on Visual Communications, Dalí's wry commentary on Mondrian's controlled grid is a performance, a provocation, and, ultimately, the catalyst for an original work—one that is pure Dalí. Halsman and Dalí met in 1941 and remained close collaborators for more than thirty years. 17 min.

  • Destino

    1946/2003. USA. Directed by Dominique Monfery. Animation by John Hench, based on drawings by Salvador Dalí. When Dalí met Walt Disney in 1937, he called him an "American Surrealist." A decade after that meeting, Dalí and Disney collaborated on Destino, an animated short about Chronos, the Greek god of time, and his love for a mortal woman. The project was indefinitely postponed in 1948 due to rising production costs and Disney's dissatisfaction with Dalí's efforts. Roy E. Disney seized upon the opportunity to complete the short in 2003, and consulted with John Hench to realize the project. Courtesy The Walt Disney Co. 7 min.

In the Film exhibition Salvador Dalí: Creator/Collaborator

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