• Time and Tide

    1998–2000. USA. Peter Hutton. 35 min.

  • Study of a River

    1994–95. USA. Peter Hutton. 16 min.

  • In Titan's Goblet

    1991. USA. Peter Hutton. 10 min.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 6:15 p.m.

Theater 3 (The Celeste Bartos Theater), mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

  • Time and Tide

    1998–2000. USA. Directed by Peter Hutton. Recalling John Ruskin's observation of J.M.W. Turner—"He paints in color but thinks in light and shade"—Hutton for the first time adds a wintry palette of opalescent blue-grays, greens, and ochres to his black-and-white tonalities, enlivened by splashes of eye-catching red and turquoise from the hulls of tankers, tug-barges, and cargo ships ambling their way up and down the Hudson. The film opens at a quickened pace with Billy Bitzer's 1903 time-lapse travelogue of maritime and manufacturing activity along the Hudson, then gives way to a meditation on the river's slow, sure rhythms; on brooding fog and sea smoke; and on counterpoints of wilderness and corrosive industry, of transience and endurance.` 35 min.

  • Study of a River

    1994–95. USA. Directed by Peter Hutton. A winter's passage of ships up and down the Hudson, viewed first from the water and then from an iron-girder railroad bridge in Poughkeepsie. 16 min.

  • In Titan's Goblet

    1991. USA. Directed by Peter Hutton. Taking its title from a surreal Hudson River landscape painting by Thomas Cole circa 1833, In Titan's Goblet inscribes subtle patterns and movements of sky, sun, moon, and fire. Day becomes night, and night day, as the dawn's first light glimmers over a dark copse of trees, fleecy clouds pass like ice floes across the moon, and a bulldozer plows its way across an infernal valley of burning tires. 10 min.

  • Landscape (for Manon)

    1986–87. USA. Directed by Peter Hutton. An ode to a dreaming child, Hutton's daughter. Twenty-two shots, all but two separated by a momentary span of darkness, depicting Kaaterskill Clove in the Hudson Valley, the region that Thomas Cole painted and called his home. 18 min.

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