• Poachers

    1975. Spain. José Luis Borau. 82 min.

Sunday, November 4, 2007, 4:00 p.m.

Theater 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 1), T1

  • Poachers

    1975. Spain. Directed by José Luis Borau. With Lola Gaos, Ovidi Montllor. One of Luis Buñuel's favorite films, this independently financed feature is about an emotionally underdeveloped poacher, his first experience with romantic love, and his mother's obstruction. Inspired by Franco's description of his Spain as a "peaceful forest," this cruel—and at times raunchy and slightly incestuous—story was initially banned by the censors and nearly doomed to oblivion before being resuscitated by the San Sebastián Film Festival. New print. In Spanish; English subtitles. 82 min.

In the Film exhibition Spain (Un)Censored

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