Four by Ernie Gehr

Saturday, September 22, 2007, 2:00 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2

Includes the following films:

  • Greene Street

    2004. USA. Directed by Ernie Gehr. 5 min.

  • Workers Leaving the Factory (after Lumière)

    2004. USA. Directed by Ernie Gehr. 12 min.

  • Noon Time Activities

    2004. USA. Directed by Ernie Gehr. 21 min.

  • Essex Street Market

    2004. USA. Directed by Ernie Gehr. 29 min.

Filmed mostly at the old Fulton Fish Market, in diners around that downtown area, and in the subway, these exquisitely framed images of New York in the 1970s are mostly low-angle or hip-level shots of exceptional presence and texture. When the last part of this quartet of films suddenly bursts into Kodachrome color, it is shocking—but also fitting and perfectly timed. Once conceived as part of a larger work but then abandoned, the 16mm footage was resurrected nearly thirty years later: transferred to digital video at the correct film-projection speed of sixteen frames per second and edited into four separate sections that together channel a mournful difference between then and now.

In the Film exhibition Ernie Gehr: Moving Image Minimalist

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