• MeMyselfandI

    2010. 12 min.

  • Four or Five Accidents, One June

    1988. 25 min.

  • The Imagined, the Longed For, the Conquered and the Sublime

    1995. 8 min.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013, 1:30 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2

  • MeMyselfandI

    2010. The first moments of “pure evil” in various films are redeployed as a hall of mirrors, fluttering back and forth between P.O.V. and witness, recognition and horror. 12 min.

  • Four or Five Accidents, One June

    1988. (A literal/metaphorical “map” of anecdotes, jump-cut interviews, incorrect “talking head” shots, and hit-and-miss quotations, the film follows the route of a delivery driver turned narrator as he encounters various characters, from the glaucoma-stricken elderly owner of a bed and breakfast to a doctor’s office receptionist who steals drugs for her Hollywood-producer father.) (Bogawa). This is one of Bogawa’s first short films. 25 min.

  • The Imagined, the Longed For, the Conquered and the Sublime

    1995. This piece evolved out of a book project listing DJ playlists from Hollywood Vietnam War films. The landscapes of Northern California, the Philippines, etc. are used in different ways to create fictive spaces that represent danger, comfort, mystery, or something to destroy or traverse. (Bogawa) 8 min.

  • I’m Simply Overwhelmed, I Just Don’t Know What to Say—Thank You All Very Much. Good Night

    2005. The camera is turned on the audience in a reflection of the filmmaker’s desire for fandom. As a lifelong fan of live music, Bogawa nurtured a pipe dream about a film screening that recalls the concert experience, full of emotion, jumping about, and bodies flailing and colliding. This attempt to redirect the mirror, to reverse the typical foreground and background of star and fan, (became a strange anthropological study of faces, fashion, and culture). (Bogawa). 22 min.

  • A Small Room in a Big House

    1987. Before Cinema Paradiso, this film documented the real story of Alex, a four-year-old being raised by his father in the projection booth of an art-house cinema in San Diego. (Bogawa). 15 min.

  • Talking Shit About Myself

    2003. An infrared camera explores the filmmaker’s orifices. Bogawa asks, “With a borrowed infrared camera, what else can you do but shove it down your throat and stick it up your ass?” 1 min.

In the Film exhibition Roddy Bogawa: If Films Could Smell

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