Oberhausen Manifesto Program 2

Saturday, September 29, 2012, 1:30 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2

Seven short films by Alexander Kluge, Peter Schamoni, Vlado Kristl, Walter Kruettner, Wolfgang Urchs, and Boris von Borresholm

Brutalität in Stein (Brutality in Stone). 1961. Peter Schamoni, Alexander Kluge. 11 min.
Es muss ein Stück vom Hitler sein (It Must Be a Piece of Hitler). 1963. Walter Krüttner. 12 min.
Lehrer (Teacher). 1963. Alexander Kluge. 12 min.
Arme Leute (Poor People). 1963. Vlado Kristl. 12 min.
Die Pistole (The Pistol). 1963. Wolfgang Urchs. 10 min.
Marionetten (Marionettes). 1964. Boris von Borresholm. 11 min.
Porträt einer Bewährung (Portrait of an Opportunist). 1965. Alexander Kluge. 13 min.

In German; English subtitles. Program 81 min.

In the Film exhibition Oberhausen Manifesto 1962: Short Films by the Signatories, 1958–67

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