<i>Maria Callas Portrait</i>. 1968. West Germany. Image courtesy Filmmuseum München

Werner Schroeter: Rare Early Work 1

Thursday, May 17, 2012, 4:00 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2

Maria Callas was Schroeter‘s great obsessive passion. His career began with a series of 8mm films (digitally preserved) that explored the possibilities of montage, movement, and collage through pictures of Callas that he cut out of magazines and newspapers. Mona Lisa features a kind of rap soundtrack that mixes Callas’s voice with that of the German pop singer Catarina Valente. Maria Callas Sings..., a deeply personal film, shows Schroeter dancing naked in his apartment. Carla Sings is a different form of homage, in which Carla Aulaulu impersonates Callas. And Aggression, Schroeter’s first 16mm film, is the fictive portrait of a woman who is oppressed by her (unseen) boyfriend.

Maria Callas singt 1957 Rezitativ und Arie der Elvira aus Ernani 1844 von Giuseppe Verdi (Maria Callas, in 1957, Sings Elvira’s Aria and Recitative from Verdi’s 1844 Opera Ernani)
1968. West Germany. 11 min.

Mona Lisa
1968. West Germany. 32 min.

Maria Callas Portrait
1968. West Germany. 13 min.

Callas Walking Lucia
1968. West Germany. 2 min.

Carla singt (Carla Sings)
1968. West Germany. 3 min.

1968. West Germany. With Heidi Lorenzo, Knut Koch. 22 min.

In German; English subtitles. Program 83 min.

In the Film exhibition Werner Schroeter

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