• A Kiss for Mary Pickford

    1927. USSR. Sergei Komarov. 75 min.

  • One of Many

    1927. USSR. Nikolai Khodatayev. 15 min.

Musical accompaniment by Ben Model. Live English translation by Anna Kadysheva

Saturday, April 21, 2012, 5:00 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2

  • A Kiss for Mary Pickford

    1927. USSR. Directed by Sergei Komarov. Komarov, a pupil of Lev Kuleshov, fabricated this delightful comedy about star-struck lovers in part from footage of the visit Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbnanks, then husband and wife, made to the Soviet Union. Unbeknownst to them, they became, thanks to clever editing, major figures in a knockabout romance. Silent with live musical accompaniment. 75 min.

  • One of Many

    1927. USSR. Directed by Nikolai Khodatayev. An animated film about international movie stars. Print courtesy Gosfilmofond, Moscow. 15 min.

In the Film exhibition Mezhrabpom: The Red Dream Factory

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