Program 6: Musical Comedy

Musical accompaniment by Ben Model

Monday, March 19, 2012, 7:30 p.m.

Theater 3 (The Celeste Bartos Theater), mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

Amour et musique (aka Met muzieken en hindernissen)
1911. France. Director unknown. A Pathé/Nizza production. Working apart, a pair of off-key male and female street performers are assaulted by unappreciative music lovers. When an arrest brings them together, they discover their power to make beautiful music. 4 min.

Rosalie et son phonographe (aka Rosalie en haar phonograph)
1911. France. Directed by Romeo Bossetti. A Pathé production. With Sarah Duhamel. A jolly housekeeper brings new meaning to the notion of “home entertainment” with a handsome new portable phonograph that causes people, furniture, and buildings to rock and roll through the magic of stop-motion animation. 4 min.

Grammofono di Polidor (aka Polydor and his gramofono)
1912. Italy. Director unknown. A Pasquali production. With Ferdinand Guillaume. In a scheme that is all the more convincing on silent film, Polydor attempts to fool a high-society mob with a no-talent singer who lip-synchs recordings from a hidden Gramophone. 9 min.

Pik Nik ha il do di petto
1911. Italy. Director unknown. An Aquila production. Singer Pik Nik tests the power of song with an earth-shaking voice that causes people to pass out, walls to collapse, cars to go backwards—and eventually lands him in jail. 5 min.

Robinet innamorato di una chanteuse
1911. Italy. Directed by Marcel Perez (as Marcel Fabre). An Ambrosio production. With Fabre, Gigetta Morano. Robinet brings down the house when he unleashes himself on an attractive opera singer during a music hall performance. 7 min.

La vengeance du sergent de ville
1913. France. Directed by Louis Feuillade. A Gaumont production. With Renee Carl, Suzanne Grandais. A police sergeant’s late-night horn playing dismays neighbors in his apartment building, leading to marital discord, hysteria, and a bizarre form of psychotherapy involving a body double. 13 min.

Program approx. 42 min.

In the Film exhibition Cruel and Unusual Comedy, Part 3: Selections from the Eye Film Institute, The Netherlands

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