Program 4: Tales of Madness

Musical accompaniment by Ben Model

Sunday, March 18, 2012, 5:00 p.m.

Theater 3 (The Celeste Bartos Theater), mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

Mr. Smith fait l’ouverture
1914. France. Director unknown. A Gaumont production. In this “day of the lupus” farce, anarchy and madness result when a plague of rabbits overrun the country home of an unrepentant hunter. 6 min.

Onésime contre Onésime (A Double Life)
1912. France. Directed by Jean Durand. A Gaumont/Archive Film Agency production. With Ernest Bourbon, Edouard Grisollet, Gaston Modot. When Onésime “doubles” on screen, the battle between his good and evil selves begins. 9 min.

La vengeance des esprits (aka Die rache der geister)
1911. France. Director unknown. A Pathé production. Grotesque animated spirits punish a disbeliever who scorns his wife’s interest in the occult. 5 min.

Calino sourcier
1913. France. Directed by Romeo Bossetti. A Gaumont production. With Clement Mige. With a stolen divining rod, Calino sets out to “liquefy” the world, one water spout at a time, in this riff on Goethe’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. 4 min.

Kri Kri fuma l’oppio (aka Patachon als opiumschuiver)
1913. Italy. Director unknown. A Societa Italiana Cines production. With Raymond Frau. A series of trick film hallucinations and scary doubling effects result when Patachon smokes an opium cigarette. 6 min.

Rigadin n’aime pas le vendredi 13
1911. France. Directed by Georges Monca. A Pathé production. With Charles Prince. Rigadin encounters nothing but trouble on Friday the 13th. 6 min.

L’ abito bianco di Robinet
1911. Italy. Directed by Marcel Perez (as Marcel Fabre). An Ambrosio production. With Fabre. In this play on the symmetry of black and white, Robinet leaves home in his bright new suit for a stroll through a blackening industrial landscape. 4 min.

Program approx. 40 min.

In the Film exhibition Cruel and Unusual Comedy, Part 3: Selections from the Eye Film Institute, The Netherlands

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