Program 1: Sexual Misconduct

Musical Accompaniment by Yaeko Miranda, violin; Ben Model; Peter Bufano; and Mike Dobson. Introduced by Elif Rongen-Kaynakci

Thursday, March 15, 2012, 7:30 p.m.

Theater 3 (The Celeste Bartos Theater), mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

La lune de miel de Zigoto
1912. France. Directed by Jean Durand. A Gaumont production. With Lucien Bataille. In the grip of passionate foreplay, Zigoto and his lover are oblivious to an escalating series of interruptions and catastrophes going on around them. 6 min.

Signora Robinet (aka Madamigella Robinet)
1912. Italy. Directed by Marcel Perez (as Marcel Fabre). An Ambrosio production. With Fabre, Nilde Barrachi. Robinet disguises himself as a woman to get away from his girlfriend’s husband, and discovers the unexpected pleasures of public drag amidst mobs of flirtatious men. 7 min.

Robinet troppo amato da sua moglie (aka Robinet wordt te veel bemind)
1912. Italy. Directed by Marcel Perez (as Marcel Fabre). An Ambrosio production. With Fabre, Gigetta Morano. Robinet escapes from his wife’s smothering devotion to the adventure of lovemaking outside marriage. 7 min.

Finalmente soli!
1912. Italy. Director unknown. An Italia production. In this early mother-in-law comedy, a bride’s mother insists on managing the private lives of the newly married couple—to the point of sleeping with them. 8 min.

Al cinematografo guardate…. ma non toccate
1912. Italy. Director unknown. An Italia production. A cinema becomes the site of sexual intrigue when a man looking for romance in the dark follows a woman into the movies and finds himself molesting her husband instead. 6 min.

Cunégonde femme crampon (aka Cunegonde wil niet dat d’r man alleen uitgaat)
1912. France. Director unknown. A Lux production. An insanely jealous wife locks up her husband, lassos him on the street from a second-story window, and ships herself to him in a trunk when he leaves home. 9 min.

Acque Miracolose
1912. Italy. Directed by Eleuterio Rodolfi. An Ambrosio production. With Gigetta Morano, Rodolfi. In this sophisticated romantic comedy, healing waters are the cover for an extramarital affair that “cures” the infertility problems of a childless couple. 9 min.

Program approx. 52 min.

In the Film exhibition Cruel and Unusual Comedy, Part 3: Selections from the Eye Film Institute, The Netherlands

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