<em>Etudes sur Paris</em>. 1928. France. Directed by André Sauvage. Image courtesy of Nicolas Sauvage / Restauration CNC AFF
  • Les Halles centrales

    1927. France. Boris Kaufman. 22 min.

  • Études sur Paris

    1928. France. André Sauvage. 83 min.

Both films silent; with piano accompaniment by Ben Model

Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

Theater 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 1), T1

  • Les Halles centrales

    1927. France. Directed by Boris Kaufman. A beautiful twilight portrait of Les Halles, the old central market in Paris. Dziga Vertov’s younger brother Boris would later become the cinematographer for Jean Vigo, Elia Kazan, and Sidney Lumet. Preserved by Archives françaises du film du CNC and Lichtspiel/Kinematek Bern. 22 min.

  • Études sur Paris

    1928. France. Directed by André Sauvage. This visually magnificent and poetic city symphony of Paris in the late 1920s earned Sauvage the admiration of Jean Renoir and Jean Vigo. Sauvage maps the metropolis through its street life, monuments, ports, and automobile traffic. Though sadly forgotten, Sauvage had a remarkably eclectic career, associating with the Surrealists Robert Desnos and Max Jacob, and making film portraits of a mountain climber and a French cultural and scientific expedition across Southeast Asia, a Michelin tire commercial, and several fiction films, including Pivoine, in which Michel Simon cultivated the role of the tramp that he would reprise three years later in Renoir’s Bodou Saved from Drowning. 83 min.