• Mila Caos

    2011. Cuba/Germany. Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau. 18 min.

  • El Velador

    2011. Mexico. Natalia Almada. 72 min.

Sunday, March 27, 2011, 7:00 p.m.


  • Mila Caos

    2011. Cuba/Germany. Directed by Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau. A son acts out his fantasy; does his mother mind? 18 min.

  • El Velador

    2011. Mexico. Directed by Natalia Almada. Almada’s documentary El Velador displays the world of "El Jardin", a cemetery in the drug heartland of Mexico. Since the war on drugs began in 2007, the cemetery has doubled in size and some of its mausoleums have been built to resemble gaudy cathedrals, creating a skyline that looks like a fantastical surrealist city more than a resting place for the deceased. The film introduces us to both the lives of the cemetery workers and families of the victims—in the shadow of an increasingly bloody conflict that has claimed nearly 35,000 lives. 72 min.

In the Film exhibition New Directors/New Films 2011

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