Gender Benders: Masculine Women/Feminine Men

With piano accompaniment by Ben Model

Saturday, October 9, 2010, 8:00 p.m.

Theater 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 1), T1

Includes the following films:

  • Crushed

    1924. USA. Directed by Fred Hibbard. A Hamilton Comedies/Educational production. With Lloyd Hamilton, Dorothy Seastrom, Blanche Payson, Robert McKenzie, Louise Carver, Mark Hamilton, Jack McHugh, Tommy Hicks. After misadventures on the subway, the effete Hamilton ends up married to bossy Amazon Payson, who surprises him with a brood of brats. Silent. 15 min.

  • A Sorority Mix-Up

    1927. USA. Directed by Joseph Basil. A Sunkist Comedies/Bray Productions production. With Buddy Messinger, Anne Porter, Madelynne Field, Henry Roquemore, Mr. X the chimp, Alice Belcher, the Sunkist Bathing Beauties. Hazing at a girls’ school leads to Messinger masquerading in drag. Silent. 14 min.

  • Shanghaied Lovers

    1924. USA. Directed by Roy del Ruth. A Mack Sennett/Pathé production. With Harry Langdon, Kalla Pasha, Alice Day, Andy Clyde, Tiny Ward, Joe Young, George Cooper, Gordon Lewis, Eli Stanton. Kidnapped by pirates, a newly married couple resorts to cross-dressing to protect themselves from the advances of a brutish captain. Silent. 15 min.

  • Hearts and Flowers

    1919. USA. Directed by Edward Cline. A Mack Sennett/Paramount Pictures production. With Louise Fazenda, Ford Sterling, Phyllis Haver, Billy Armstrong, Jack Ackroyd, Kalla Pasha, Edgar Kennedy, Bert Roach, Charles Lynn, Eva Thatcher, Virginia Fox, Sybil Sealy, the Sennett Bathing Beauties. A smarmy roué romances a flower girl who he believes to be rich. Silent. 20 min.

  • Rowdy Ann

    1919. USA. Directed by Al E. Christie. A Christie Comedies production. With Fay Tincher, Eddie Barry, Katherine Lewis, Harry Depp, Al Haymes, George B. French, Edgar Blue. Ann, who’s as tough as any cowman, is sent back East to learn how to be a lady. Silent. 20 min.