Simone Forti. <i>News Animation</i>. 1990. Performance. Photo: Lona Foote. © Simone Forti

Simone Forti: King's Fool

Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 3:00 p.m.

The Michael Ovitz Family Painting and Sculpture Gallery, Gallery 23, fourth floor

The Performance Program is part of MoMA’s increased focus on the historical as well as the contemporary practice of performance-based art. The ongoing series brings documentation and reenactments of historic performances, thematic group exhibitions, solo presentations, and original performance works to various locations throughout the Museum.

Los Angeles–based artist Simone Forti is one of several key figures of the 1960s minimalist dance movement who defined a new language of physical movement. In this new work, premiering at MoMA, Forti draws on one of her ongoing projects, News Animations, which was initially developed in the 1980s. In News Animations the news becomes the choreographer, determining Forti’s movements and speech—the imagery and language of newspaper reports and newscasts are translated into improvised movement compositions. Moving and speaking become a method of social commentary and inquiry, "activating" all of the words that come to the artist’s mind during the performance. Thus in King’s Fool patterns of language, and the body in motion, play off one another, sparking questions. Silences, speculation, and personal experience interweave with the flickering, fluid vision of the world brought to us by the news media.

In conjunction with the exhibition Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past