Aerial photo of Mildred's Lane courtesy of <a href="http://mildredslane.com/" target="_blank">mildredslane.com</a>

Mildred's Lane Swarming with Mark Thomann

Thursday, November 15, 2012, 2:30 p.m.

The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building, Mezzanine

These frequent visits by collaborating artists, writers, and critics at Mildred's Lane invite the public to participate in collective tasks and discussions, from hosting food-related events to explorations of creative processes related to the visual arts, writing, biology, and more. All Swarmings take place at MoMA Studio: Common Senses on an impromptu basis during opening hours, unless otherwise noted.

In collaboration with Mildred's Lane, Mark Thomann has explored various design methodologies to qualitatively quantify the parameters and experience of life, and integrate them into the design process. Pond House Spring House Pond (PHSHP) was an advanced studio offering at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. In the Spring of 2012 eight graduate students of landscape architecture spent a couple weeks on the farm and a semester in the studio. What emerged was a vernal pool, some gabions, a concrete pad, a water powe wheel made from a repurposed treadmill motor, a mound of rotting grasses, traces of a three-part pond water system, and a collective idea and algorithm of what it takes to build a pond; an alternative to hydro-fracking.

Thomann is a landscape architect, a design director with Balmori, and a faculty member in the graduate program at University of Pennsylvania School of Design. His interests include determining how landscape can shape a better collective future, and creating new landscapes to that end.

In conjunction with the exhibition MoMA Studio: Common Senses