Kristyna and Marek Milde

Mildred’s Lane Swarming with Kristyna and Marek Milde: Thoughts on the LIVING ROOM

Sunday, November 4, 2012, 2:00–4:00 p.m.

Education Classroom B, mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

These frequent visits by collaborating artists, writers, and critics at Mildred's Lane invite the public to participate in collective tasks and discussions, from hosting food-related events to explorations of creative processes related to the visual arts, writing, biology, and more. All Swarmings take place at MoMA Studio: Common Senses on an impromptu basis during opening hours, unless otherwise noted.

Brooklyn-based artists Kristyna and Marek Milde present a selection of their projects, which explore a culture of interior living and domesticity. With a focus on what is “swept under the carpet,” their work investigates how the comfortable interior environment of our homes produces a culture of alienation from nature. Their projects often take the form of DIY home improvements, and revisit the role of furnishing, cleaning, and decorating, and their functions within a "white cube" to produce the feeling of home. The Mildes' work explores methods for transforming our dwelling spaces, revealing their connection to a larger environmental context of culture, geography, and nature. Participants at MoMA Studio have the opportunity to share their ideas about the elements that contribute to their sense of home. For more information, visit mildeart.com/collaborative-projects/do-it-your-self.

Additionally, participants are encouraged to be part of a Do It Yourself project called “The Color of the Home,” a workshop in which a colored wall paint pigmented by ordinary household dust will be used to produce a color chart. If possible, please bring a plastic bag containing a handful of dust from your home.

In conjunction with the exhibition MoMA Studio: Common Senses