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Hans Richter Archive

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art
Museum Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497

© 2006 The Museum of Modern Art. All rights reserved.
The Museum of Modern Art, Publisher
Finding aid prepared by Ellen J. Grand, 1971, updated in 1983, and revised and updated by Lisa Darms, 2007.
Machine-readable finding aid derived from paper original, 2006. Machine-readable finding aid created by Jonathan Lill. Description is in English.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hans Richter
Title: Hans Richter Archive
Dates: 1916-1977
Quantity: Nineteen (19) 5" manuscript boxes, one (1) 2.5" manuscript box, one (1) flat file


The first organization and description was completed in 1971. Additional material was incorporated in 1983 and this inventory was updated. In 2007, the collection was largely rehoused and individual album pages were placed into archival folders. The finding aid was expanded and updated at that time.

The archive is organized into ten series as follows:
Series A. Clippings
Series B. Correspondence
Series C. Manuscripts
Series D. Periodical Articles by and on Richter
Series E. Announcements (Programs, Press Releases, etc.)
Series F. Catalogs (Brochures and Announcements)
Series G. Visual Material
Series H. Tape Recordings
Series I. Published Volumes
Series J. Supplementary Materials


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain no restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Hans Richter Archive is the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist. In addition to any copyright clearances, publishing material from this collection requires the permission of the Hans Richter Estate. Requests should be directed to: Erik de Bourbon-Parme, 239 Via Las Brisas, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in DADABASE, the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Richter, Hans, 1888-1976.
8x8 (Motion picture)
Art, Abstract.
Dreams that money can buy (Motion picture)
Minotaur (Motion picture)
Motion picture producers and directors.
Rhythm 21 (Motion picture)
Richter, Hans, 1888-1976 -- Archives
Document Types:
Exhibition catalogs.

Administrative Information


The bulk of the Archive was donated to the Museum Library by Hans Richter in 1969 with additional material given by Mrs. Richter in 1977 and 1978.

The Archive was formally transferred to the Museum Archives November 12, 1998.

Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Hans Richter Archive [series.volume]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Container List


Series A. Clippings

Folder Title Date
A.I.1 Personal


A.I.2 Personal

70th Birthday, 1958
75th Birthday, 1963
80th Birthday, 1968
CCNY, 1943-1956

A.II.1 Films in General 1933-1970
A.II.2 Films in General 1933-1970
A.III.1 Reviews of Specific Films

Rhythmus 21
Dreams That Money can Buy

A.III.2 Reviews of Specific Films

Dreams That Money can Buy
The Minotaur


A.IV.1 Exhibition Reviews 1950-1969
A.V.1 Dada and Richter: Dada Exhibitions 1958-1968
A.V.2 Dada and Richter: Dada Book Reviews

Dada Art and Anti-Art reviews, 1966
Dada Profiles
Der Kampf un dem Film

A.V.3 Dada and Richter: General
A.VI.1 Other Artists

Miscellaneous (non-HR)

A.VI.2 Other Artists

Recent trends, 1960-65, film, TV


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Series B. Correspondence

Folder Title Date
B.VII.1 Personal

70th birthday, 1958

B.VII.2 Personal

70th Birthday, 1958
Honors, Awards

B.VII.3 Personal

Agam (Yaacov)
Albers, Josef
Appelbaum, Lou
Apollonio, Umbro
Arnheim, Rudolf
Arp, Hans
Auerbach, Erich
Barr, Alfred H.
Benoit-Levy, Jean
Calder Alexander
Carroll, Madeleine
Cocteau, Jean

B.VII.4 Personal

Donati, Enrico
Dorazio, Piero & Virginia and Glarner, Fritz
Duchamp, Marcel and Teeny
Elvizio (?)
Ernst, Max and Tanning, Dorothea

B.VII.5 Personal

Flaherty, Robert
Fried, Rose
Gabo, Naum
Geiger, Ross (Kullnaney?)
Genauer, Emily
Glarner, Fritz (see above also)
Grohmann, Will
Grosz, George
Guggenheim, Peggy
[Guitry], Sasha

B.VII.6 Personal

Haftmann, Werner
Hausmann, Raoul
Hausmann's brother-in-law, Erich Auerbach

B.VII.7 Personal

Herzfeld, Wieland
Hilberseimer, Louis
Hindemeth, Paul
Hindemith, Gerhard
Höch, Hannah
Hôltzman, Harry
Huelsenbeck, Richard
Hugnet, G.
Hurst, Fannie
Janco, Marcel
Jean, Marcel
Jerome, Mother
Jung, C. G.

B.VII.8 Personal

Keŕeny, Karl
Kiesler, Frederick
Kläber, Kurt
Kracauer, Siegfried
Latouche, John
Léger, Fernand
Lye, Len
Ma ?
Manvell, Roger
Mehring, Walter
Méliès, George
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig
Michailes, Karin

B.VII.9 Personal

Milhaud, Darius
Miller, Henry
Morris, George L. K.
Motherwell, Robert
Nin, Anais
Norman, Dorothy
Otten, Karl
Panilevi (?)
Prampolini, Enrico

B.VII.10 Personal

Ray, Man
Read, Herbert
Rothstein, Irma
Sauvage, Leo
Schoenberg, Arnold
Schöffer, Nicolas
Scholem, G.
Schwitters, Kurt
Seligmann (?)
Seuphor, Michel
Stauffacher, Frank
Steichen, Edward

B.VII.11 Personal

Stevo, J.
Sweeney, James J.
Tzara, Tristan
Van Doesburg, Nelly
Varèse, Edgar
Vayo, J. Alvarez del
Vogel, Vladimir
Wechsler, A.
Whitney, John H.
von Wiegand, Charmion
Wiener, Paul L.
Wolpe, Stefan
Young, Vernon
Zorzi, Elio

B.VIII.1 Business

City College of New York

B.VIII.2 Business

City College of New York
Related Material: Memoranda on the Institute of Film Techniques

B.VIII.3 Business


B.VIII.4 Business

Sweden July 1957 - 1958

B.VIII.5 Business


B.VIII.6 Business

Re: Dreams that Money Can Buy

B.VIII.7 Business

Re: Dreams that Money Can Buy

B.VIII.8 Business

Re: Dreams that Money Can Buy

B.VIII.9 Business

Re: Dada
Dada Exhibition Proposal, 1951
General Dada Questions and Comments
Verkauf, Willy

B.VIII.10 Business

Dada Exhibition, Dusseldorf

B.VIII.11 Business

Duchamp Book, Time/Life and Janco, 1966
Dada: 1916-1966 Exhibition, 1968

1966 -1968
B.VIII.12 Business

Flaherty Foundation and Related Material

B.VIII.13 Business

Flaherty Foundation and Related Material

B.VIII.14 Business

Flaherty Foundation and Related Material

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Series C. Manuscripts

Folder Title Date
C.IX.1 Film

Hier gibts keine Katharina by H.R. in collaboration with Anna Seghers and Friedrich Kohner
[Otherwise called Keine Zeit für Tränen (C.XVII) and Der sogenannte Rendel (Vol. XVII)] Planned 1934-1935.

C.IX.2 Film

Keine Zeit für Tränen [planned 1934-1935]. H.R. in collaboration with Anna Seghers and Friedrich Kohner [In other versions called Hier gibts keine Katharina (C.XVI) and Der sogenannte Rendel (herein)]

C.IX.3 Film

Der sogenannte Rendelby Anna Seghers, a short story written after the film story
Serialization of Der sogenannte Rendel by Anna Seghers in National Zeitung, Basel
Part 1: May 15, 1940
Part 2: missing
Part 3: May 17, 1940
Part 4: May 18, 1940
Part 5: May 20, 1940
Part 6: May 21, 1940

C.IX.4 Film

Everything Turns, 1929
Europe-Radio, 1930
Komodie urn eine Schallplatte [planned 1934]
Es Lebe der Film

C.IX.5 Film

From Lightning to Television, 1935
A Small World in the Dark, 1938
The Stock Exchange, 1938
Hans im Gluck, 1939

C.IX.6 Film

Die Lugen des Herren von Münchhausen (1st verison of story, 5/5/l938)

C.IX.7 Film

Die Lugen des Herren von Münchhausen Second version
History of the story & Outline
Synopsis of the action before Prevert
Observations on Prevert Draft

C.IX.8 Film

Les Mesonges du Baron de Crac
Les Peroquet du Baron de Crac
Related material and notes

C.IX.9 Film (Projects)

Women in Democracy film project for Woman's Centennial Congress; script entitled "Women fight for America;" 1940-42

Film on tyranny and democracy; part I begins with the death of Napoleon; script and notes; n.d.

Films about American history, c.1941
4 letters from Joseph Losey [1941] about project.
Proposal in five parts:
"Outline for a serial project of a new kind of shorts"
Four historical shorts: "Four Freedoms" [pt. 2 missing]
"Women fight for America"
"Example of a shooting script"
"Outline of the historical Picture-sheet" including:
Two Seiges I Zwei Belagerungen

C.IX.10 Film (Projects)

"Outline of the historical Picture-sheet" including:
ErsterGrosser Schweizer Bilderbogen
Das Filmessayeine neue Form des Dokumentarfilms

"Story of the Unicorn" proposal, written in cooperation with Suzy Hare for the Metropolitan Museum, NY 1943/44. 9 p. typescript
Miscellaneous documentary material: 1941-42, on war, weapons, and defense; on American history and culture

C.IX.11 Film

Edouard the Noble Beggar
The Movies Take a Holiday, 1944
Versions A-ED

C.IX.12 Film

The Movies Take a Holiday, 1944
Version E

C.IX.13 Film

The Movies Take a Holiday Titles

C.IX.14 Film

30 Years of Avant-Garde (then 40 years)

C.IX.15 Film

30 Years of Avant-Garde (then 40 years)
German version

C.IX.16 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
Outline of frame story

C.IX.17 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
Frame story

C.IX.18 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
Shooting script

C.IX.19 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
"Desire" sequence (by Ernst):
Outline shooting script

C.IX.20 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
"Desire" sequence (by Ernst):
Notes for shooting

C.IX.21 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
"Narcissus" sequence (by Richter):
Shooting script

C.IX.22 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
"Narcissus" sequence (by Richter):
Sequence Notes

C.IX.23 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
English dialogue - Version 2

C.IX.24 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
English dialogue- Version 3

C.IX.25 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
English dialogue - Version 1

C.IX.26 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
French subtitles - version 1

C.IX.27 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
French subtitles - version 2

C.IX.28 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
French subtitles - version 3

C.IX.29 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
French subtitles - version 4

C.IX.30 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
French subtitles - version 5

C.IX.31 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
French subtitles - version 6

C.IX.32 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
Defense of the experimental film and explanations

C.IX.33 Film

Dreams that Money Can Buy, 1947
Script possibilities

C.IX.34 Film

The Minotaur, 1947
Handwritten Manuscript

C.IX.35 Film

The Minotaur, 1947
Handwritten Manuscript (continued)

C.IX.36 Film

The Minotaur/The Story of the Labyrinth
30 numbered pages and numerous additional pages interleaved with notes, changes, additions.

Story of the Two Theseus or The Hunt of the Minotaur [Version C]. 28 numbered pages and numerous additional pages interleaved with notes, changes, additions.

Synopsis of The Hunt of the Minotaur

C.IX.37 Film (Project)

The Minotaur (planned for 1950-52):
Rough drafts

ca. 1950-1952
C.IX.38 Film (Project)

The Minotaur (planned for 1950-52):
Working notes

ca. 1950-1952
C.IX.39 Film (Project)

The Minotaur (planned for 1950-52):
Promotional Materials

ca. 1950-1952
C.IX.40 Film (Project)

The Minotaur (planned for 1950-52):
Possible actors
HR's thoughts on characters and plot

ca. 1950-1952
C.IX.41 Film (Project)

The Minotaur (planned for 1950-52):
Correspondence: Dr. Karl Keŕeny, Dr. Udo Rukser

ca. 1950-1952
C.IX.42 Film

8x8, 1957
Script and working notes

C.IX.43 Film

8x8, 1957
Production notes and schedule

C.IX.44 Film

8x8, 1957

C.IX.45 Film

8x8, 1957

C.IX.46 Film

8x8, 1957
Black Schemes

C.IX.47 Film

8x8, 1957
Check the King

C.IX.48 Film

8x8, 1957
New Twist

C.IX.49 Film

8x8, 1957
Middle Game

C.IX.50 Film

8x8, 1957
Fatal Move

C.IX.51 Film

8x8, 1957
End Titles

C.IX.52 Film

Related material:
Descriptions and analysis

C.IX.53 Film

Related material:

C.IX.54 Film

Related material:
Contacts and authorizations

C.IX.55 Film

Related material:
Correspondence re: Verse and Titles

C.IX.56 Film

Related material:

C.IX.57 Film

Passionate Pastime, 1957
(alternative titles: "Chess: a Passionate Pastime" and "Chescetera")

C.IX.58 Film

Dadascope, 1958

C.X.1 Book

Der Kampf um den Film (Working Draft A)

C.X.2 Book

Der Kampf um den Film (Working Draft A - Xerox)

C.X.3 Book

Der Kampf um den Film (Working Draft B)

C.X.4 Book

Der Kampf um den Film (Working Draft B - Xerox)

C.X.5 Book

Dada Profiles( typed mss.)

C.X.6 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapter 1)

C.X.7 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapter 2)

C.X.8 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapter 3)

C.X.9 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapter 4)

C.X.10 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapter 5)

C.X.11 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapter 6)

C.X.12 Book

Dada Kunst und Anti-Kunst, (German Mss. Chapters 7 & 8)

C.XI.1 Catalog

Dada 1916-1966 Exhibition, Goethe Institute, Munich:
Catalog Essay

C.XI.2 Catalog

Dada 1916-1966:
Material for consideration for possible inclusion in catalog

C.XII.1 Projects

Projects on Art and Personalities in Central Europe Before and After WWI

C.XII.2 Projects

Project of Experimenting with Color Film
Project for a film for TV on Mies 1957-58

C.XII.3 Projects

The Experimental Film

C.XII.4 Projects

Movement in Modern Art

C.XIII.1 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Dreams that Money Can Buy." Style en France, Winter, 1946 (pp .missing)

"Some Remarks About 'Dreams'." la Revue du Cinema, Winter, 1947
"AvantGarde Film in Germany." in The Experimental Film, London, 1949. Roger Manvell, ed.

"The Avant-Garde Film Seen From Within." Hollywood Quarterly, Fall, 1949

C.XIII.2 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Film as an Original Art Form." College Art Journal, Winter, 1951 Vol. X, No.2

C.XIII.3 Articles by Richter (Published)

Review of "From Picasso to Surrealism." College Art Journal, Summer, 1951, V01. X, No.4
"Dada XYZ." in Dada Painters and Poets, New York, Wittenborn, 1951. Robert Motherwell, ed.
"Vita privata del movimento 'dada'." (Sidelights on Dada 1916-1918), La Biennale di Venezia, January 1952
"Easel-Scroll-Film" (3 versions), Magazine of Art, February,1952, p. 78-86.

C.XIII.4 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Willi Baumeister." la Biennale di Venezia. March, 1953, p. 29.

"The Avant Garde Film and Futurism"(Il film di avanguardia- il film astratto e il futurismo). Revisita del CinemaItaliano, December, 1953, Vol. 2, No. 12.

"Max Ernst." la Biennale di Venezia, April-June, 1954.

"Frank Stauffacher." Film Culture, Winter, 1955, Vol.l, No. 5-6.

'Theory and Experiment in the Modern Film." in Otto Moden, Erkenntnis und Aktion, Vienna, 1955.

"8x8: Interview with Hans Richter." by Gideon Bachmann. Film and TV Music Winter, 1956, Vol. XVI, No.2.

"In Memory of Two Friends, Léger and Tanguy." College Art Journal, Summer, 1956, Vol. XV, No.4.

C.XIII.5 Articles by Richter (Published)

"The New Experimental Film." USIS Feature, 1956

C.XIII.6 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Beginnings of German Abstraction." (For the Record) in The World of Abstract Art, 1957, The American Abstract Artists, ed.
"On the Nature of Film Poetry" (Interview with Jonas Mekas), Film Culture, Vol. III, No. I (II), 1957.

C.XIV.1 Articles by Richter (Published)

Radio lecture, Frankfurt, 1958

Review of Dada, by W. Verkauf in Saturday Review, February 1, 1958.

"On the Nature of Film History Writing." Film Culture, April, 1958.

"Glorified Jukebox and Activated Sound." Herald Tribune, March 15? 1958.

C.XIV.2 Articles by Richter (Published)

Review of Beaux Arts et Cinema by Henri lemaitre in College Art Journal, Spring, 1958, Vol. XVII, No.3.

"From Painting to Film; from Film to Painting." (German and English versions) XXieme Siecle, March-June, 1959 (in French)

C.XIV.3 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Bewegte Bewegnung." Neue Zurcher Zeitung, April 11, 1961.

"B. B." Blaetter und Bilder, No. 13 o Stuttgart, 1961.

Text for Autobiography in Hans Richter, Neuchatel, c. 1965. [Carbon of From Painting to Film 1959]

"As I Remember Mies." Kopf und Hinterkopf, 1967.

C.XIV.4 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Experiences with Movement in Painting and Film." in G. Kepes, The Nature of Art and Motion, c. 1965.

C.XIV.5 Articles/Writings by Richter (Not Published)

Films for the US: On the poitical short film used to introduce the feature film, 1940's.

Post War Planning on D.F. [Documentary Film], 1942. (2 versions)

How to train Documentary film people, n.d. 5 p.

Secret Weapons to beat Hitler [1942]

C.XIV.6 Articles/Writings by Richter (Not Published)

Abstract Art: The vision of a style. and letter to Alfred Frankfurter, July 28, 1942.

re: "Victory in the East" (Stalingrad) 1943-44 (18 foot scroll of oil and collage)

C.XIV.7 Articles/Writings by Richter (Not Published)

20th anniversary of American Abstract Artists
Report on/criticism of film script prepared for the American Jewish Committee. Script entitled Below the Surface.

C.XIV.8 Articles/Writings by Richter (Not Published)

pp. 11-14 of article dated February 13, 1957.
Lecture notes, handwritten outline, for 1960 Kunsthalle exhibition, Baden-Baden, talk.
Thirty years of film poetry

C.XIV.9 Articles/Writings by Richter (Not Published)

The New Look. n.d.

On the Young American Art Film [fragments of possible three versions] n.d.

Es Lebe der film. 1935.

C.XV.1 Articles on Richter

Weinberg, Herman, "Payez-vous deux sous de reve?" La Revue du Cinema, 1947
------"The Cult of Glibness in Film Criticism" La Revue du Cinema, September, 1948
------"Hans Richter - 30 Years of Experimental Film", dated April 8
------"Hans Richter - 30 Years of Experimental Film", another version
Roullet, Serge, "Dreams that Money Can Buy" dated Jan. 1948

C.XV.2 Articles on Richter

Young, Vernon, "Two Evenings and an Era with Hans Richter" and letter of March 24, 1954.
Hasenfratz, Doris, "Austelung Kunstgewerbemuseum Zurich: Hans Richter: Ein Leben für Bild und Film." March, 1959. and note from Rud. Suter, Basler Nachrichten, 24 Mar. 1959
Letter from Udo Rukser for An die Redaktion des Monat article, Berlin, 29 Aug. 1959.
Bayl, Friedrich, "On Hans Richter." Art International, Dec. 1960.
"Hans Richter" by Jean Arp

C.XVI.1 Photostats

Dada 1916-1966 Exhibition Layout Sheets (photocopies).

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Series D. Periodical Articles by and on Richter

Folder Title Date
D.XVII.1 Articles by Richter (Published)

Linoleum cut illustrations, Die Aktion, 1916-1917.

"Ein Maler spricht zu den Malern." Zeit-Echo, III, No.I&2, 1917, p. 19-23, illus. p. 15.

D.XVII.2 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Gegen Ohne für Dada." Ker Kaufleuten. Zurich. 9 April 1919.

"Der Moderne Film." Filmliga (Amsterdam) III, No.6, Marz 1930.

"Hans Richter/Gij in Nederland" Filmliga. VII, no. 6, July 1934.

"Von der Statischen zur Dynamischen Form" Plastique, no. 2 Summer 1937, p. 16-18

"Filmgeist, wie wir ihn wollenFilmgeist, wie wirihn nicht wollen." Neue Zürcher Zeitung. no. 493, March 20, 1938 p. 3

"Kulturfilm als Kunst." Der Geistarbeiter, April 1938. Vol.17, No.4. p. 49-55

"Origine de l'avant-garde allemande." Cinema (Paris) 1938.

"Wahrheit im film." Neue Zürcher Zeitung., 14 January 1940.

"Ur-Kino." Neue Zürcher Zeitung. 25 February 1940.

''Ur-Kino II." Neue Zürcher Zeitung. 21 April 1940.

D.XVII.3 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Quelques instants avec Hans Richter." (Interview by Serg Lang). la Revue de l'Ecran, Vol.14. No. 387. 3 April 1941. p.5.

"Die Entwicklung des Politisch en Films." Deutsche Blätter, Vol. 2. No. 1, January 1944. p. 21-24.

"Der Politische Film (II)." Deutsche Blätter. Vol.2, No. 2. 1944. p. 17-2

"The Institute of Film Techniques." Film News. February-March 1946. Vol. 7, No.5. p.l-2,10.

"Films Should Be Made for a Limited Public, Too." PM May 24,1948.

"The Avant-Garde Film Seen From Within." Hollywood Quarterly, Vol IV, No. I. Fall 1949. p. 34-41.

"Der Avantgardefilm von innen gesehen." Film Kunst. No.2 .1950. p.135-140.

Statement in Viking Eggeling 1880-1925. Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. October-November 1950. p. 9-10

"The Film as Original Art Form." College Art Journal. Vol. X. No.2. Winter 1951. p. 157-161.

Review of From Picasso to Surrealism by Maurice Raynd Skira

"Films Go to College" The City College Alumnus. v. 47; no. 2, December, 1951. p. 3-5

"Histoire de l'Avant-Garde Allemande, 1918-1930" l'Age du Cinema. no. 6 [1951] p. 20-24.

D.XVII.4 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Vita privata del Movimento 'Dada'" La Biennale di Venezia no. 7, Gennaio 1952. p. 16-21.

"Easel-Scroll-Film" Magazine of Art vol. 45, no. 2, February 1952. p. 78-86.

"Funzione del Cinema Sperimentale." Cinema (Milan) no. 97, November I, 1952. p. 220-226.

"Dal Quadro alia Striscia al Film" Sele Arte. vol. I, no. 4. Gennaio-Febbraio 1953. p. 49-52

"EI Cine Como Arte Originale" Cinedrama. Julio 1953. p.2-5.

D.XVII.5 Articles by Richter (Published)

"Il film di avanguardia, il film astratto e il futurismo" Revisita del Cinema Italiano Vol.II, no. 12 Dicembre 1953. p. 39-45.

"Max Ernst: sincerità-serietà-immaginazione-gioia" La Biennale di Venezia No. 19-20, Aprile-Giugno 1954. p.32-37.

"Vom Film als von Einer Werdenen Eigenen Kunstform" Basler Schulblatt nr. 3 June 1954. p. 65-68.

"Otto Storia sugli Scacchi" La Biennale di Venezia No. 22 Settembre-Ottobre 1954. p. 15-20.

"Frank Stauffacher" Film Culture Vol. I, no. 5-6, Winter 1955. p. 4-5.

"The New Experimental Film" USIS Feature no. 58-26 (F-58-20) 1956. p. 1-9.

"'8x8;'An interview with Hans Richter" by Gideon Bachmann in Film and TV Music vol. XVI, no. 2,.Winter 1956. p. 19-20.

"Fernand Léger" (p. 5-6) and "Yves Tanguy"(p. 27-28) La Biennale di Venezia Vol. 7, no. 27, Marzo 1956.

"In Memory of Two Friends: Fernand Léger, 1881-1955 and Yves Tanguy, 1900-1956" College Art Journal, vol XV, no. 4, Summer 1956, p. 340-346.

"Yves Tanguy" Museumjournaal. serie 2, no. 3/4, November 1956. p. 50-51. (Holland)

"Theory and Experiment in the Modern Film" in Otto Molden's Erkenntnis und Aktion [book] (Wein: Ullstein & Co., 1955) (book is in the MoMA Li brary)

D.XVII.6 Articles by Richter (Published)

''Fernand Léger." Museumjournaal (Holland). Serie 2, No.7 /8. Februari 1957 p. 104-108.

"Hans Richter on the Nature of Film Poetry." (Interview with Jonas Mekas). Film Culture. Vol. 3. No.1 (11).1957. p.5-8.

Review of Dada by Willy Verkauf. Saturday Review. Vol. XLI. No.5. February I, 1958. p. 20.

Review of Beaux-Arts et Cinema by Henri Lemaitre. College Art Journal. Vol. XVII, No.3. Spring 1958. p. 337-338.

"Gespräch mit Hans Richter." (Interview with Friedrich Bayl). Art International. Vol. III, No. 1-2. 1959. p. 54-55.

"Von der Malerei zum Film." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung(?)No. 139. 20 Juni 1959. p. Feuilleton.

"Ein seltener Mensch." Newspaper [ Der Mittag?]. No. 140. 18 Juni 1961 p. Feuilleton.

"Bewegte Bewegtung." Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Mittagausgabe No .1316 11 April 1961.

D.XVII.7 Articles by Richter (Published)

1."Exposition du Mouvement à Amsterdam." Aujourd'hui. Vol. 5. No. 31. Mai 1961. p. 54-55.

"Je ne suis pas un cinéaste" Positif, Revue de Cinema. No. 40, Juillet 1961. p.I-3. (illus.-photograph).

"Raoul Hausmann." Hausmann, Mostra personale. Galleria Pagani del Grattacielo, Milan. 1963.

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D.XVII.8 Articles by Richter (Published)

Part of Richter contribution to newspaper published around the time of the Dada 1916-1966 Exhibition.

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D.XVIII.1 Articles on Richter (Published)

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D.XVIII.2 Articles on Richter (Published)

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D.XVIII.3 Articles on Richter (Published)

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D.XVIII.4 Articles on Richter (Published)

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D.XVIII.5 Articles on Richter (Published)

"Hans Richter-Constructivist and Dadaist" Image October 1965.

Les amis de Geijutsu-Shincho (Nouveau courants d'art) published no. 18 - a reprint for Salle Kinokuniya film showing 4 May 1966 and for H.R. exhibition at Tokyo Gallery.

[Shizaki, Koichiro."Experimental Cinema of Hans Richter." Film Review June 1966] not in Archive notebook 7/83.

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D.XVIII.6 Articles on Richter (Published)

"Atelier a Sonntagabend fü Kunst und Kultur: Hans Richter in Berlin" Broadcast script for Berlin Radio RIAS (21.45-22.15 Uhr) "Stimme der Kritik." Broadcast Marz 26, 1967.

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D.XVIII.7 Articles on Richter (Published)

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no date:

Weinberg, Herman G. "The Dreams that Money Can Buy." Sight and Sound p. 40 (no date).

2 fragments: no date, no source.


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Series E. Announcements

Folder Title
E.XIX.1 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: General

E.XIX.2 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: General

E.XIX.3 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: Specific - Dreams that Money Can Buy

E.XIX.4 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: Specific - Dreams that Money Can Buy

E.XIX.5 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: Specific - Dreams that Money Can Buy

E.XIX.6 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: Specific - Dreams that Money Can Buy

E.XIX.7 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Films: Specific - 8x8

E.XIX.8 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Lectures, Courses, Books published

E.XIX.9 Programs, Press Releases, Publicity

Painting Exhibitions
Editions of prints
Miscellaneous Exhibitions

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Series F. Catalogs (Brochures and Announcements)

Folder Title Date
F.XX.1 HR Exhibitions

New York. Art of This Century. Hans Richter 1919-1946. October 21-November 12, 1946.

F.XX.2 HR Exhibitions

Paris. Galerie des Deux Iles. Hans Richter. February 10-20, 1950.

F.XX.3 HR Exhibitions

Basle. Galerie d'Arte Moderne. Hans Richter. March 11, 1950.

F.XX.4 HR Exhibitions

Paris. Galerie Mai. Hans Richter. June 10-24, 1952.

F.XX.5 HR Exhibitions

New York. Rose Fried Gallery. Hans Richter. March 30-April 24, 1954.

F.XX.6 HR Exhibitions

Washington,D.C. Institute of Contemporary Art. Hans Richter. April 6-May 11, 1958.

F.XX.7 HR Exhibitions

Berlin. Akademie der Kunste. Hans Richter. Ein Leben für Bild und Film. October l7-November 16, 1958.

F.XX.8 HR Exhibitions

Zurich. Kunstgewerbemuseum. Hans Richter. Ein Leben für Bild und Film. March 1-April 19, 1959.

F.XX.9 HR Exhibitions

Rome. Galleria d'Arte Moderna. Hans Richter. December 1968-January 1959.

F.XX.10 HR Exhibitions

Paris. Galerie Denis René. Hans Richter. 40 ans de peinture rouleaux. March 4-31, 1960.

F.XX.11 HR Exhibitions

Munich. Städtische Galerie. Hans Richter: 40 Jahre Rollenbild, Ein Leben für Bild und Film. May 12-June 5, 1960.

F.XX.12 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria Pagani del Grattacielo. Hans Richter. 1960.

F.XX.13 HR Exhibitions

Hannover. Werkkunstschule and Kassel. Staatiche Werkkunstschule. Hans Richter. 40 Jahre Rollenbild und Film. (1960).

F.XX.14 HR Exhibitions

Essen. Museum Folkwang. Hans Richter. 40 Jahre Rollenbild. January 15-February 5, 1961.

F.XX.15 HR Exhibitions

Amsterdam. Stedelijk. Hans Richter. Schild, Film er malt. March 10-April 10, 1961

F.XX.16 HR Exhibitions

Legnano. Galleria Pagani del Grattacie1o. Hans Richter. June 11-28, 1961.

F.XX.17 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria Pagani del Grattacielo. Richter. 1962.

F.XX.18 HR Exhibitions

Turin. Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna. Hans Richter. May 19-June 12, 1962.

F.XX.19 HR Exhibitions

Locarno. Casa del Negromonte. Ommaggio a Richter. April 10-30,1963.

F.XX.20 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Saletta Grafica della Galleria Schwarz. Hans Richter. May 4-24, 1963.

F.XX.21 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria Pagani del Grattacielo. Richter. 1963.

F.XX.22 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria Naviglio. 1964. (fragment)

F.XX.23 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria Schwarz. Hans Richter: Dadaismo e Astrazione (1909-1923). March 10-April 7, 1965.

F.XX.24 HR Exhibitions

Venice. Galleria del Cavallino. Hans Richter. September 8-27, 1965.

F.XX.25 HR Exhibitions

Venice. Galleria del Cavallino. Hans Richter. September 10-15, 1965.

F.XX.26 HR Exhibitions

Japan. Tokyo Gallery. Hans Richter Exhibition. April 20 May 14, 1966.

F.XX.27 HR Exhibitions

New York. Byron Gallery and Finch College Museum of Art, Contemporary Wing. Art: 1905-1967 Hans Richter. January 31February 24, 1968.

F.XX.28 HR Exhibitions

Padova. Galleria d'Arte "La Chiocciola." Hans Richter. March 16-28, 1968.

F.XX.29 HR Exhibitions

Munich. Galerie Klihm. Hans Richter. Dada 1918; Reliefs und Bilder 1968. November 19-December 20, 1968.

F.XX.30 HR Exhibitions

Rome. Il Segno. Hans Richter. Dada Zeichnungen 1918. March 21, 1969.

F.XX.31 HR Exhibitions

Rome. Il Segno. Hans Richter. April 8, 1970.

F.XX.32 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria Ordelaffi. Hans Richter. July 30, 1970 (opening)

F.XX.33 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria del Naviglio. Hans Richter. October 21-November 8, 1970.

F.XX.34 HR Exhibitions

Providence, RI., Rhode Island School of Design. Museum of Art. The world between the ox and the swine; Dada drawings by Hans Richter. Opening September 16, 1971.

F.XX.35 HR Exhibitions

Venice. Galleria d'arte moderna. Il Capricorno. Hans Richter. April 24-May 15, 1971.

F.XX.36 HR Exhibitions

Turin. Il Fauno. Hans Richter. January 18 - February 5, 1972.

F.XX.37 HR Exhibitions

Geneva. Galerie Georges Moos. Hans Richter. February 24-March 22, 1972.

F.XX.38 HR Exhibitions

Milan. Galleria del Naviglio. Hans Richter. March 23-April 10, 1972

F.XX.39 HR Exhibitions

Turin. Centro Culturale Tedesco. Omaggio a Hans Richter. April 2-17, 1973.

F.XX.40 HR Exhibitions

Paris. Galerie Denis René. Hans Richter. Oeuvres Dada. May 1975.

F.XX.41 HR Exhibitions

Rome. La Borgognona. Hans Richter. November 29, 1975.

F.XX.42 HR Exhibitions

Reykjavik (Iceland) American cultural center. (U.S.I.S. show) Hans Richter 1888-1976. (1976?) plus note from Mrs. Richter confirming location of the exhibition.

F.XX.43 Group Shows

Basel. Kunsthalle. Konstruktivisten. January. 16-February 14, 1937.

F.XX.44 Group Shows

Paris. Galerie Charpêntier. Realitiés Nouvelles. June 30 July 15, 1939.

F.XX.45 Group Shows

New York. The Fine Arts Galleries. 6th Annual Exhibitionof American Abstract Artists. March 9-23, 1942.

F.XX.46 Group Shows

New York. Helena Rubenstein's New Art Center. Masters of Abstract Art. April 1-May 15, 1942.

F.XX.47 Group Shows

New York. The Museum of Modern Art De Stijl, 1917-1928. December 1952-February 1953 ( Bulletin vol. XX no. 2, Winter 1952/53)

F.XX.48 Group Shows

New York. Rose Fried Gallery. International Collage Exhibition. February 13-March 17, 1956.

F.XX.49 Group Shows

Newspaper Clipping from Rheinishe Post, 1958. "DADA"

F.XX.50 Group Shows

New York. Betty Parsons Gallery. 23rd Annual Exhibition of American Abstract Artists. June 1-13, 1959.

F.XX.51 Group Shows

Zurich. Helmhaus. Konkrete Kunst. June 8-August 14, 1960.

F.XX.52 Group Shows

New York. Galerie Chalette. Construction and Geometry in Painting: From Malevich to 'Tomorrow'.March 1960.

F.XX.53 Group Shows

New York. Parke-Bernet Galleries. (Auction) Contemporary Modern Paintings, Drawings (property of the American Chess Foundation and others). May 18, 1961.

F.XX.54 Group Shows

Paris. Galerie Denis René Esquisse d'un Salon. May-September 1963.

F.XX.55 Group Shows

Milan. Galleria Pagani del Grattacielo. Scultura Contemporanea. 1963.

F.XX.56 Group Shows

New York. New York University. Loeb Student Center. 28th Annual Exhibition of American Abstract Artists. January 8-23, 1964.

F.XX.57 Group Shows

Milan. Galleria Schwarz. 1908-1928. October 17,1964 (opening).

F.XX.58 Group Shows

Paris. Galerie Denis René. Arp-Richter. April 1965.

F.XX.59 Group Shows

Vence. Galerie Alphonse Chave. Hommage à Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. April-May 1965.

F.XX.60 Group Shows

Milan. Il Torchio. (Stamperia d'Arte). [Catalogue of prints available] 1966.

F.XX.61 Group Shows

Milan. Galleria Schwarz. Dada 1916-1966 (Cinquant'anni a Dada-Dada in Italia). June 24-September 30, 1966.

F.XX.62 Group Shows

New York. Riverside Museum. Yesterday and Today 1936-1966, 30th Annual Exhibition, American Abstract Artists. September 25 - November 27, 1966.

F.XX.63 Group Shows

Zurich. Kunsthaus and Paris. Musee National d'Art Moderne. Dada: Ausstellung zum 50 jährigen Jubiläum . October 8-November 17, 1966 and November 30, 1966 - January 30, 1967.

F.XX.64 Group Shows

Paris. Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Premier Salon International du livre sur l'art et de bibliophilie. [List of signed, numbered editions of Arturo Schwarz] November 21-December 10, 1967.

F.XX.65 Group Shows

Venice. Galleria Navigliovenezia. [Catalogo edito per l'inaugurazio: della Galleria]. June 18, 1968.

F.XX.66 Group Shows

Strasbourg. Musées de la Ville. L'Art en Europe autour de 1918. May 8-September 15, 1968.

F.XX.67 Group Shows

Locarno. Museo d'Arte Contemporanea. Castello Visconti. Catalogue of the Collection (donated by Hans Arp). 1968.

F.XX.68 Group Shows

Munich. Goethe-Institute. Dada 1916-1966 (Eine Dokumentation). [based on 1966 exhibition]. 1968.

F.XX.69 Group Shows

Milan. M'Arte Editions. [Lithographs-Etchings-Illustrated Books], List no. 1. (July 1970) [includes work by HR]

F.XX.70 Group Shows

Munich. Galerie Klihm. [Listing of works for sale] (1968 or after)

F.XX.71 Group Shows

Rome. Il Segno. [Announcement of group show December 18, 1969] (fragment only).

F.XX.72 Group Shows

Darmstadt/Torino. Rudolf Jockel. Mappe mit funf farbigen Seiden-siebdrucken. (Includes HR) 1972.

F.XX.73 Group Shows

Turin. Centro Culturale Tedesco. 1954-1974: Fritz Baumgartner, Hans Richter June 10-30, 1974.

F.XX.74 Group Shows

Milan. Galleria d'Arte Cocorocchia. L'Immagiane razionale. November 16-December 16, 1974.

F.XX.75 Group Shows

Report of Acquisitions. Museo Civico, Torino.Milan.

F.XX.76 Group Shows

Galleria Morone. Ernesto Ornati. October 28, 1967. [includes bust of HR]

F.XX.77 Group Shows

Locarno. Editions Lafranca. Estampes originales. 1967

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Series G. Visual Material

Folder Title Date
G.XXI.1 Negatives, Photos, Transparencies: Dreams That money can Buy

Ernst, Max
Léger, Fernand

G.XXI.2 Negatives, Photos, Transparencies: Dreams That money can Buy

Léger, Fernand

G.XXI.3 Negatives, Photos, Transparencies: Dreams That money can Buy

Ray, May
Calder, Alexander

G.XXI.4 Negatives, Photos, Transparencies: Dreams That money can Buy


G.XXII.1 Negatives, Photos, Color Transparencies: 8x8

Black Schemes

G.XXII.2 Negatives, Photos, Color Transparencies: 8x8

New Twist (Calder)
Venetian Episode
Self-imposed Obstacle
Middle Game (Max & Dorothea Ernst)
Queening of the Pawn (Cocteau)
Gala at MoMA for 8x8

G.XXIII.1 Negatives, Photos, Color Transparencies: Other Films

Phythmus 21, 1921
Bauen und Wohnen, 1927
Metal, 1931-33
Conquest of the Sky, 1937

G.XXIII.2 Negatives, Photos, Color Transparencies: Other Films


G.XXIII.3 Negatives, Photos, Color Transparencies: Other Films

Passionate Pastime

Volume Title Date
G.XIV Posters

Paris, Galerie Mai. "Hans Richter Oeuvres de 1912 a 1952; 10 Juin au 24 Juin 1952" [one]

Berlin, Hochschule fër Bildende Kunst. "Hans Richter Ein Leben für Bild und film; 17 X-16 XI. 1958" [one]

Zurich, Kunstgewerbemuseum. "Hans Richter, Ein Leben für Bild und Fil 9 März-19 April 1959" [one]

Munich, Stadtische Galerie. "Hans Richter, Einleben f¨r Bild und Film 12 Mai-5.Juni 1960" [two]

Kassel, Kunstverein. "Hans Richter, 40 Jahre Rollenbild; 16 Juli bis 14r August 1960" [three]

Baden-Baden, Kunsthalle. "Hans Richter, 40 Jahre Rollenbild; 9.4 - 1.5.60" [two]

Venice, Galleria del Cavallino. "Hans Richter, 8 al 27 Settembre 1965" [two]

"Galleria Nationale d'Arte Mederna, Dada 1916-1966, 15 Nov. -11 Dic." [n.d., no city; one]

No printing; image is the one on the cover of Ein leben Cat.


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Series H. Tape recordings

Box Title Date
H.XXV Three Cassette Tapes

Hans Richter interviews by Daniel Robbins, August 1970, Southbury, Connecticut.

NOTE: These sound recordings were preserved in Summer, 2008 through a generous grant from The Contemporary Arts Council of The Museum of Modern Art. In addition to the original, a Broadcast Wave File (BWF) archival master, a CD-R use copy and a CD-R back-up copy now exist.


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Series I. Bound Periodicals

Folder Title
I.XXVI Two Volumes

G: Material zur elementaren Gestaltung. One volume, bound in orange buckram, containing reduced photostatic copies of issues no. 1 (July 1923) and no. 2 (Sept. 1923) and original copies of issues no. 3 (June 1924), no. 4 (March 1926) and no. 5/6 [1926].(classified into Richter Archive by MoMA Library catalog)

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Series J. Supplementary Materials

Folder Title
J.XXVII.1 Publications

Viking Eggeling 1880-1925. Nationalmuseum Stockholm, October - November 1950

J.XXVII.2 Publications

College Art Journal, Winter 1951

J.XXVII.3 Publications

College Art Journal, Summer 1951

J.XXVII.4 Publications

The City College Alumnus, Dec 1951

J.XXVII.5 Publications

SeleArte no. 4, January/February 1953

J.XXVII.6 Publications

Deutsche Blatter no. 1, 1944

J.XXVII.7 Publications

Deutsche Blatter no. 2, 1944

J.XXVII.8 Publications

Zeit-Echo, 1917

J.XXVII.9 Publications

" Le Travailleur Intellectual", Der Geistesarbeiter no. 4, April 1938

J.XXVII.10 Publications

Rivista Del Cinema Italiano 12, Dicembre 1953

J.XXVII.11 Publications

College Art Journal, Summer 1956

J.XXVII.12 Publications

Museumjournaal, series 2 no. 3/4

J.XXVII.13 Publications

Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Sonntagausgabe no. 60

J.XXVII.14 Publications

La Revue de l'Ecran, no. 387 B, 3 Avril 1941

J.XXVII.15 Publications

Film News February/March 1946, Volume 7 no. 5

J.XXVII.16 Publications

Fragment: "The Avant-Garde Film Seen from Within", Hans Richter, Reprinted from The Hollywood Quarterly, Volume IV, no. 1

J.XXVII.17 Publications

Cinedrama,Julio 1953

J.XXVII.18 Publications

Film-Kunst 2,July and August 1950

J.XXVII.19 Publications

Canadian Film News,January/February 1950

J.XXVII.20 Publications

L'age du cinema, no. 6, 1951 (?)

J.XXVII.21 Publications

Films in Review, Volume II no. 10, December 1951

J.XXVII.22 Publications

L'age du cinema, no. 1, March 1951

J.XXVII.23 Publications

La revue du cinema, Volume II no. 9, January 1948

J.XXVII.24 Publications

La revue du cinema, Volume II no. 11, March 1948

J.XXVII.25 Publications

La revue du cinema, Volume II no. 17, September 1948

J.XXVII.26 Publications

Sie und Er, March 1959

J.XXVII.27 Publications

Films-Presse,Volume 4, no. 7/8, December 1952

J.XXVII.28 Publications

Cinedrama2, December 1953

J.XXVII.29 Publications

Art Digest, Volume 28, no. 14, 1954

J.XXVII.30 Publications

Film Magazine, no. 38, 1955

J.XXVII.31 Publications

Film Culture, Volum 1, no. 5/6, Winter 1955

J.XXVII.32 Publications

Cahiers du cinema 60, June 1956

J.XXVII.33 Publications

Chess Review, Volume 25, no. 3, March 1957

J.XXVII.34 Publications

Art d'aujourd'hui, series 2, no. 6, June 1951

J.XXVII.35 Publications

Pages from Life, December 2 1946 (2 copies)

J.XXVII.36 Publications

Film News, Volume 2, no. 8, November 1941

J.XXVII.37 Publications

Popular Photography, Volume 18, no. 1, January 1946

J.XXVII.38 Publications

Kirkeby Hotels Magazine, September 1947

J.XXVII.38 Publications

Filmliga, Volume 3, no. 6, March 1930

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