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Bates Lowry Papers

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art
Museum Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497

© 1992 The Museum of Modern Art. All rights reserved.
The Museum of Modern Art, Publisher
Finding aid prepared by Rona Roob and Apphia Loo in June 1992.
Machine-readable finding aid derived from moma-009.xml, 2006. Machine-readable finding aid created by Kathleene Konkle. Description is in English.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Bates Lowry
Title: Bates Lowry Papers in The Museum of Modern Art Archives
Dates: 1965-1969
Quantity: 1.5 linear feet
Four 5" document boxes


The Papers have been processed to the folder level. Files are arranged alphabetically by department or subject matter. Original order has been maintained whenever possible.

Biographical Note

Bates Lowry (b. 1923) was Director of the Department of Painting and Sculpture (January 1968-July 1969) and Director of the Museum (July 1968-May 1969).

Scope and Content Note

The Papers concern many aspects of the Museum's operation, both administrative and curatorial, between the years 1965 and 1969.

Symposia, Jazz in the Garden concerts, the Children's Art Caravan, the Children's Art Carnival, exhibitions, and publications are among the subjects documented. Lowry's Papers include files maintained by René d'Harnoncourt, under whose direction he worked in 1968.


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain few restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Bates Lowry Papers are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in DADABASE, the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Lowry, Bates, 1923-
Art museum directors.
Lowry, Bates, 1923- -- Archives.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- History -- Sources.

Administrative Information


The Papers were transferred to the Museum Library from the Director's Office; ownership was transferred to the Archives in June 1992.

Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Bates Lowry Papers, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Additional Descriptive Data

Explanation of Abbreviations

BL Bates Lowry
ALS autographed letter signed
TL typed letter
TLS typed letter signed
Corresp. correspondence
C/E Circulating Exhibition sponsored by the Department of Circulating Exhibitions (now the Exhibitions Program)
ICE-F MoMA exhibition circulated internationally
MoMA Exh.# refers to exhibition number assigned by the Department of the Registrar to all museum shows
Incl. includes
n.d. date information incomplete, i.e., no date supplied by document
Typescript typed manuscript

List of MoMA Exhibitions Mentioned in Finding Aid

Function Without Form: Two Models for an Undesignable City (Waddell) [MoMA Exh. #883, March 1-April 30, 1969]

Memorial to 6 Million Jewish Martyrs [MoMA Exh. #870, October 17-November 17, 1978]

James Stirling: Three University Buildings [MoMA Exh. #859, June 11-August 4, 1968]

Hector Guimard [MoMA Exh. #921, March 11-May 10, 1970]

Career of an Actor: Anthony Quinn [MoMA Exh. #874, November 7-1969 January 12, 1968]

Manhattan Observed by William S. Lieberman [MoMA Exh. #854, March 22-May 12, 1968]

The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age [MoMA Exh. #877, November 27-1969 February 9, 1968]

Stills from Lost Films [MoMA Exh. #880, February 3-June 15, 1969]

Container List


Folder Descriptions

Folder Title Date
I.1 “Admissions”

31 items
Incl. 1968 and 1969 Sales and Admissions Reports

I.2 “Architecture and Design”

Incl. clipping and announcement re: symposium on architects' role in protecting the natural environment
Installation estimate sheets for Function Without Form: Two Models for and Undesignable City (Waddell) [MoMA Exh. #883, 1969 March 1-April 30], Memorial to 6 Million Jewish Martyrs [MoMA Exh. #870, 1978 October 17-November 17], James Stirling: Three University Buildings [MoMA Exh. #859, 1968 June 11-August 4]
Corresp. re: sales offers and proposed exhibitions such as “Architecture in Chicago and Mid-America”
Corresp. re: trip to London, Glasgow, Paris for Hector Guimard [MoMA Exh. #921, 1970 March 11-May 10]
Memoranda re: establishment of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Archive, 1968
1 TLS Robert F. Kennedy (U.S. Senate)-AD, 1968

I.3 “Mies van der Rohe Tribute”

2 items

I.4 “Bookstore 1968-69”


I.5 “Building Operations”

31 items
incl. memoranda re: Matthew Donepp's appointment as Building Manager, 1969 March 10

I.6 “Children's Art Caravan”

7 items
incl. press release No. 57, 1969 May 1; memoranda and corresp. re: grant from the John D. Rockefeller 3rd Fund

I.7 “Children's Art Carnival”

49 items
Incl. press release No. 41, 1969 March 27
Clipping, memoranda and corresp. re: funding and budgeting of the Children's Art Carnival
Sample letters of invitation to MoMA Trustees
Betty Blayton exhibition announcement
See also I.1.13 “Harlem”

I.8.a “Circulating Exhibitions”

Incl. report from Emilio Ambasz re: trip to Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela
Memorandum re: revised program of the Department of Circulating Exhibitions, 1948
memoranda re: Yugoslavia: A Report (C/E 68-21)
Pamphlet, Circulating Exhibitions 1968-1969; The Museum of Modern Art, NewYork
Memoranda re: Tony Smith (C/E 68-9), Willem de Kooning (ICE-F-109-66) and Contemporary Painters and Sculptors as Printmakers (C/E 64-12)
Corresp. re: proposed Richard Tuttle exhibition
exhibition brochure for Wall Hangings (C/E 66-25)
Memorandum re: fund-raising for program

I.8.b “Circulating Exhibitions”

14 items
“C/E Letter to Subscribers and Replies Jan. 1969”
incl. subscribers poll and corresp.
summary of Yugoslavia: A Report (C/E 68-21)

I.8.c “Circulating Exhibitions”

6 items
“Art in Embassies Program,”
Incl. memoranda re: policies and status of program

I.8.d “Circulating Exhibitions”

4 items
“C/E Report, Inez Garson, Spring 1968”
incl. report on status of program (“Ten Years After Porter McCray Report”) with appendices

I.8.e “Circulating Exhibitions” Report

1 item

April 1957
I.9.a Committee on Acquisitions, Curatorial Committee

1 item
Incl. statement of Museum's purpose and policies

I.9.b “Development Committee 1963-68”

10 items
Incl. memoranda and corresp. from René d'Harnoncourt's files

I.9.c “House Committee”

1 item

I.9.d “Committee on Painting and Sculpture (Trustee) Corresp.”


I.9.e “Trustee Personnel Committee”

7 items

I.9.f “Planning Committee”

1 item

I.9.g “Program Committee”


I.9.h “Trustee Program Committee”

5 items
Incl. lists of circulating and international circulating exhibitions

I.9.i “Special Events Committee”

3 items

I.9.j “Staff Executive Committee 1969”

18 items
Incl. memoranda; announcements re: meeting dates
Agenda for May 5, meeting
Flyer produced by the Artists Coalition re: “Free Day at the Modern”

I.9.k “Visiting Committees”

4 items

I.10 “Conservation”

22 items

I.11.a “Film Dept.”

Incl. press releases Nos. 88, 77, 76, 75, 6, and 2, 1969
Corresp. re: proposed exhibition “Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of American Motion Picture Industry” organized by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
Corresp. re: exhibition Tribute to Anita Loos
Installation estimate sheet for Stills from Lost Films [MoMA Exh. #880, 1969 February 3-June 15]

I.11.b “Film Dept.”

Incl. memoranda re: MoMA's Cineprobe film series
Exhibition catalog, 2nd International Festival of Short Films (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1968)
Installation estimate sheet for Career of an Actor: Anthony Quinn [MoMA Exh. #874, November 7, 1968-January 12, 1969]
Clippings re: retrospective of films from the 1930s and “Cinema Nôovo”
Corresp. re: Garbo Film Festival
1 TLS Hans Richter (copy)-Marguerite Akermark, 1968
press release Nos. 9 and 4, 1968
Exhibition brochure, Godard on Film

I.11.c “Film Dept./Lincoln Center”

Incl. clippings; memorandum re: Garbo Film Festival
Memoranda re: proposed Lincoln Center - Museum of Modern Art Film Institute, collaboration between MoMA and Lincoln Center Film Departments
Press release re: formation of Lincoln Center Film Committee, 1967 August 31
Report to the MoMA Board of Trustees on meeting re: relations between Lincoln Center and MoMA, 1967
Proposed budget for Czechoslavak Film Festival

I.11.d “Film Department Newsletter”

7 items
incl. March-May MoMA Newsletters
3 memoranda

I.11.e “International Federation of Film Archives (F.I.A.F.)”

20 items
Incl. letters re: contributions towards 25th Congress of the International Federation of Film Archives fund

I.12 “General Services”

Incl. memoranda re: office services

I.13 “Graphics Dept.”

7 items
Incl. 2 invitations, 2 exhibition announcements

I.14 “Harlem”

4 items
Incl. memorandum re: art carnival in Harlem and announcements re: the Harlem Cultural Festival

I.15 “Insurance”

5 items

I.16.a “Latin-American Acquisitions Meeting -- February 9, 1970”

12 items
incl. letter to members of the Committee for Latin-American Acquisitions re: meeting dates
1 clipping

I.16.b “Latin-American Program - Elaine Johnson,”

Incl. proposal for program establishment
Plan of work

I.17.a General

Incl. MoMA Members Newsletter, October 1968
Membership counts

I.17.b “Corporate Membership”

Corresp. and memoranda

I.18.a General

See also I.28.d
Incl. clippings, corresp. and memoranda re: computer network for cataloging information re: museum collections (consortium included 15 New York museums)

I.18.b General

Incl. press release No. 125, 1967 Dec. 8
Summary of meeting held at the Whitney Museum, 1967 February 8

I.19 “Operations”

1 item

I.20 “Personnel Office”

Incl. memoranda

I.21 Personnel: “For Interview - Peter Schwartz October 23, 1968 - 4:00 P.M.”

2 items

I.22 “Photography”

22 items
Incl. installation estimate sheet for August Sander [MoMA Exh. #885, March 14-June 30, 1969]
1 TLS Jean Lipman ( Art in America)-Peter Bunnell, 1968
Proposal re: “Project One,” a file of photographs concerning the life of American people in 1960, originally presented by Dorothea Lange
Press releases No. 20, 1968 and No. 105, 1966 re: Peter C. Bunnell's appointment as Curatorial Associate in the Dept. of Photography

I.23 “Photography Lab”

5 items
Incl. memoranda

I.24 “Photography - Edward Steichen Archive”

10 items
incl. clipping
transcript of Dr. Henry Allen Moe's tribute

I.25 “Exhibition Production”

19 items

I.26 “Public Information”

Incl. press release No. 4, February 5, (1968) re: acquisition of space at Port Authority Terminal
Press release No. 4, January 21, 1969 re: Gertrude Stein bequest
“Publicity Archive - Outline”
2 memoranda re: WNYC Radio Special Program on Museums, 1968
1 TLS Richard F. Carr-René d'Harnoncourt re: WNEW radio series on MoMA, 1968

I.27.a General

Incl. memorandum and floor plans for Publications Dept. in “23” Building
1 TLS Françoise Boas-BL, 1968
MoMA brochures, “Fall 1968 Books” and “Spring 1968 Books” with checklists of MoMA books in print
1 TLS Ethel Shein-Nettle Cohen (Solow-Wexton, Inc.) re: Christmas brochure and book ads, 1968
Checklist and typescript of catalog for Manhattan Observed by William S. Lieberman [MoMA Exh. #854, March 22-May 12, 1968]
Corresp. re: various individual MoMA publications
corresp. re: the Federal Support for the Visual Arts: the New Deal and Now
A Research Project
Corresp. re: publication of a “Journal of the International Study Center of The Museum of Modern Art”

I.27.b “Publications ”

Incl. memorandum re: new organization of Publications Dept., 1969

I.27.c “Publications - Weekly Progress Reports”

18 items

I.27.d “Publications - Budnick Book”

7 items
incl. memoranda and corresp. re: Introduction to The Museum of Modern Art by Dan Budnick

I.27.e “Publications - d'Harnoncourt Installations Book”

11 items
Memoranda and corresp. re: installations by René d'Harnoncourt edited by Mordechai Omer and Helen Franc
Incl. 1 TLS James Thrall Soby-Monroe Wheeler, 1969 incl. quote by Arp

I.27.f “Picadilly Press (CODEX)”

13 items
Incl. memoranda and corresp. re: book on MoMA for El Mundo de los Museos (“Museums of the World”) series

I.27.g “MACO - Family of Man book”

17 items

1969, 1962, 1959, 1958
I.27.h “David Smith Monograph ”

32 items
Incl. press release from The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum re: Smith retrospective
Memoranda and corresp. re: essays by Hilton Kramer and Clement Greenberg for monograph

I.27.i “Publications - PASITMOMA”

3 items

I.27.j “Publications - Rights & Reproductions 1966-”

Incl. corresp. re: permission to reproduce works of art in MoMA collection

I.28 “Registrar's Office” n.d.
I.28.a “Registrar's Office , Atmospheric Conditions in Bldgs.”

Incl. temperature and humidity graphs 1965-69
Corresp. and memoranda

I.28.b “Registrar's Office ”

Incl. typescript of “Proposed Standard Exhibition and Collection Insurance Policy for Museums” by David Vance for Art Journal
Corresp. and memoranda re: procedural matters

I.28.c “Registrar's Office ”

22 items
Incl. memoranda re: procedural matters

I.28.d “Computerized Catalog of Collections, David Vance”

See also I.18.a and b
incl. corresp. with the Museum Computer Network
report, “An Information System for American Museums” by the Museum Computer Network

I.28.e Registrar: “Storeroom X”

11 items

I.29 “Restaurants ”

18 items
Incl. memoranda and corresp. re: Museum restaurants

I.30 Retreat

Staff and Director's retreat to discuss Museum programs

I.30.a “Retreat - Agenda”

Incl. proposal for departmental archives
proposed circulating exhibition schedule, 1968-1970

I.30.b “Retreat - Arrangements”

11 items
Incl. memoranda re; Director's Program Meeting

I.31.a Security: “Safety (Fire) Precautions”

14 items
Incl. memoranda

I.31.b “Security”


I.31.c “Guard Strike”

9 items

I.32 “Slide Program”

5 items
Incl. corresp. with the Courtauld Institute of Art, London

I.33.a “Corporate Dinner - Feb. 4, 1969 Charles Hesse”

19 items
Incl. corresp. re: The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age [MoMA Exh. #877, November 27-1969 February 9, 1968]

I.33.b “Special Events”

40 items
Incl. brochure for Conference on Museum Climatology, London, 1967
corresp. re: Artists Against the Lower Manhattan Expressway
Corresp. with the International Society of Hematology

I.33.c “Special Events - Sarah Hoge”

5 items
Incl. memoranda

I.33.d “Group Visits - Gallery Talks”

10 items
Incl. attendance tabulations of group visits during July 1967-June 1968 and July-August 1968

I.33.e “Jazz in the Garden Concerts”

12 items
Incl. poster for 1969 concerts
Memoranda re: policies and procedures

I.33.f “Proposed Lecture Series Dec. 1964[-]68”

12 items
Incl. registration leaflets for lecture series on “An Approach to the History of Film” by Standish D. Lawder of Yale University at MoMA and “American Art Since World War II”
List of proposed lectures and symposia, 1966-67
Foundation for the Arts, Religion and Culture Program Plans, 1965
1 TL (copy) Robert Motherwell-Mrs. Dwight J. Bradley (Elizabeth), 1965

I.33.g “Student Evenings 1968”

14 items
Incl. results from attendance poll taken, 1968
Press release Nos. 95 and 113, 1968 re: schedule of exhibitions and events
Clippings and leaflet re: “Four Special Evenings for College Students” sponsored by the Junior Council

I.33.h “Summer Student Project 1968”

9 items

I.33.i “Tribute to René d'Harnoncourt” n.d.

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Restricted Material

The following restricted and confidential material was separated from the collection by the Museum Archivist in 1992. Access to these materials by researchers will be considered on a folder by folder basis.

Folder Title Date
1 Recommendations

Charles Hesse
Peter Schwartz

1966, 1968
2 Fund Raising: Individuals and Group, General

Avnet, Lester
Bartos, Celeste and Armand P.
Gilman Foundation (Charles Gilman, Jr.)
Mayer, Joseph G. Foundation , Inc.
de Menil, Dominique and John
Old Dominion Foundation
Paley, William S.
Parkinson, Mrs. Bliss
Staempfli, Mrs. George W.
Rockefeller, David

3 Fund Raising: Children's Art Carnival

van Ameringen Foundation, Inc. (Mrs. Douglas Auchincloss)
The Ford Foundation (McGeorge Bundy)
The Heckscher Foundation (Mrs. Arthur Smadbeck)
Hochschild Fund, Inc. (Walter Hochschild)
New York Fund for Children, Inc. (Marion R. Ascoli)
New York Times Foundation
Rockefeller, Mrs. John D., 3rd
Rockefeller, Mary
Rockefeller Family Fund (Stephen Benedict)
Stern, M/M A. R.

4 Fund Raising: International Federation of Film Archives

Bartos, Celeste and Armand P.
H. J. Heinz Company
Loeb, John

5 Membership

The Bank of New York
The C.I.T. Foundation, Inc.
IBM (International Business Machines Corporation)
Lever Brothers Company, Inc.
Rockefeller Center, Inc.
United States Steel Foundation

6 Sales and Insurance Values

Schwartz, Anne Scheinmann, contribution to general fund
Calder (Foundation Maeght), 3 sculptures
van Doesburg, Cow, The Rhythm of a Russian Dance, Color Composition, Project for a Private House
Lehmbruck, Kneeling Woman
Mondrian, Pier and Ocean
Lachaise, Knees
Pevsner, Torso
Léger, Still-life: Composition for a Dining Room (2 works)
Seurat, Port-en-Bessin
Checklist of sales from C/E exhibitions

7 Budgets, Purchase Funds, Staff Salaries



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Box and Folder List

Box Folder
1 I.1-I.9.k
2 I.10-I.17.b
3 I.18a-I.27.j
4 I.28-I.33.i
5 Restricted material

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