Automatic Update

The Yoshiko and Akiomorita Media Gallery

June 27-September 10 2007

Automatic Update

Synthetic Pleasures

1996. USA. Directed by Iara Lee

Courtesy of the artist

Synthetic Pleasures, conceived as an electronic road movie and concerned with both the look and the language of high-tech culture, is a sci-fi documentary that investigates cutting-edge technologies and the influence they had on our culture as we approached the twenty-first century.

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2006. USA. Directed by Marcin Ramocki, co-directed by Justin Strawhand

A combination of "rockumentary," art exposé, and culture-critical investigation, 8 BIT ties together the 1980s demo scene, chip-tune music, and artists using “machinima” and modified computer games.

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1996. Canada/Great Britain. Directed by David Cronenberg

Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Based on the novel by J. G. Ballard. After a road accident leaves a former "TV scientist" with serious bodily scarring, he becomes obsessed with the marriage of automotive technology and what he views as the "raw sexuality" of car-crash victims. Courtesy of New Line Cinema.

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1998. USA. Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Max is a genius mathematician who has built a home supercomputer that he believes can provide a key for understanding all existence. Representatives from both a Hasidic cabalistic sect and a high-powered Wall Street firm learn of his secret and attempt to seduce him.

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