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Dalí and New York (4 of 4)

Part 4 of 4

Wednesday, September 10, 2008. 6:30 PM

Salvador Dalí first arrived in New York in 1934 and immediately became a flamboyant part of the city's life and art scene. Engaging with the artists and celebrities who helped create the spirit of the city at the time, Dalí pursued his interests in art and commerce, the urban streets, and friendships with members of polite society and those in the rebellious underground. This program brings together scholars and filmmakers who address the impact of Dalí's diverse activities on his work and on the New York artistic community. Participants include Callie Angell, Adjunct Curator, The Andy Warhol Film Project, The Whitney Museum of American Art, who discusses the relationship between Dalí and Andy Warhol; filmmaker Jack Bond, who presents clips of his own film, Dalí in New York, and reflections on his friendship with the artist; Jonas Mekas, filmmaker and Director, Anthology Film Archives, who shares the films he made of Dalí; and Ingrid Schaffner, Senior Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, who explores Dalí and the 1939 World's Fair. Anne Morra, Assistant Curator, Department of Film, and co-organizer of the exhibition Dalí: Painting and Film, moderates a discussion.

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