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Krivina | Canadian Front 2013

2012. Canada/Bosnia/Herzegovina. Directed by Igor Drljača. Krivina traces the journey of Miro, a Bosnian immigrant who fled to Toronto during the conflict in former Yugoslavia. Upon hearing that Dado, an old friend long gone missing, is wanted for war crimes, Miro returns to Sarajevo in search of him. Neighbors and family provide conflicting clues about Dado's whereabouts—has it been 18 years or just a month since he was last seen?—but all speak to the way the man was deeply affected by the war. While director Drljača draws on his own experience (he emigrated to Canada in 1993 because of the strife), Krivina takes on a universal quality, as the disjointed narrative of Dado's fate mirrors a fractured nation in mourning. Set against the vast, haunting landscape of the Bosnian countryside, Drljača's feature debut is a finely crafted, quietly poetic meditation on collective trauma and the weight of memory. 70 min.

Screening as part of Canadian Front 2013

Trailer courtesy of the filmmaker.

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