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Artists Speak: Conversations on Contemporary Art with Glenn D. Lowry

November 17, 2008
6:30 p.m.

IRWIN is an artist collective based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, best known for their ongoing projects NSK State and East Art Map. NSK State is a utopian state without a concrete territory, questioning notions of borders and nationhood. East Art Map is a work focusing on retracing the contemporary art and history of Eastern Europe. The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) is a research organization that explores how the United States' lands are apportioned, utilized, and perceived. Matt Coolidge of CLUI and Miran Mohar and Borut Vogelnik of IRWIN discuss how they engage in the specific and symbolic meaning of territoriality and how they use the tools of art, research, and collaboration to present their projects both in and outside of museum contexts. Moderated by Glenn D. Lowry, director of The Museum of Modern Art.

Photo courtesy of Paula Court

Mapping Nations: IRWIN (1)

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