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February 13, 2014  |  Learning and Engagement
Conversations across Cultures: Facilitating Art-Making Workshops with Educators from Korea

Workshop participants create artwork inspired by Warhol and Kim

Workshop participants create artwork inspired by Andy Warhol and Kim Whanki

As New Yorkers, we like to think we have a handle on public transit. The local, the express, the muttering person you try and steer clear of—we’re unfazed. But tackling the subway in Seoul, South Korea, was a different story. Read more

January 23, 2014  |  Learning and Engagement
A Video Is Worth a Thousand Words: Online Learning with The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project

I’ve racked up a lot of frequent flier miles working with The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project. My colleagues and I have had the great pleasure of traveling to places like Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Alexandria, Louisiana (population: 48,000) to facilitate training workshops on how to use art to engage individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

Make It Work: In the Studio with the Quest to Learn School

Put a group of student artists in a room with five hours to complete three days’ worth of work—and then tell them they have to exhibit their work to the public at MoMA the following day. Read more

February 19, 2013  |  Learning and Engagement
“Plundering Pirates” Invade the Galleries!

You may ask yourself: “What did these pirates intend to plunder from MoMA and what does it have to do with the Museum’s Education Department?” Read more

November 19, 2012  |  Learning and Engagement, Videos
Capturing the Magic: School Visits Video
A School Visits film shoot in action

A School Visits film shoot in action

As most museum educators know, capturing what we do is difficult. The insightful comments and “a-ha” moments visitors have during our programs often go unrecorded. Read more