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Why I Like Black-and-White Movies

Like most children growing up in the last half of the 20th century, I dreamed of a 64-count box of Crayola crayons. In school we had eight-count boxes. I wanted 64—all the myriad colors including bittersweet, sky blue, and raw umber. The 64-count box also had a built-in sharpener. A virtual Technicolor assortment of waxy goodness and a sharpener to keep them in ready condition! What more could a child have wanted? I drew all kinds of pictures and shapes, some more recognizable than others. Read more

April 7, 2014  |  This Week at MoMA
This Week at MoMA: April 7–13

Now that spring is officially here, MoMA’s beloved Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden is once again (weather permitting) a sanctuary for midtown regulars and tourists alike. Read more

March 24, 2014  |  This Week at MoMA
This Week at MoMA: March 24–30

While all across America students are enjoying spring break, this week at MoMA we’re hitting the books, tackling thought-provoking issues, and offering a plethora of ways to dig deep into the world of art and art history. Here are just a few of the classes, talks, and resources on offer: Read more

November 11, 2013  |  Events & Programs, Learning and Engagement
MoMA Art Lab: Movement—Why Play with Spinning Tops and Tinker Toys?
Activity testing for MoMA Art Lab: Movement. Photo: Jackie Armstrong

Activity testing for MoMA Art Lab: Movement. Photo: Jackie Armstrong

Recently, Family Programs staff were interested in testing out some of the activities under consideration for MoMA Art Lab: Movement before it opened (on October 10, 2013). Formative evaluation is a “try it out” method that is less formal than other evaluation types. Read more

April 12, 2011  |  I Went to MoMA and
“I went to MoMA and…”: The Kids Are All Right

The "I went to MoMA and..." project in action in the MoMA lobby

Flights of fancy, lively drawings, dreams of piloting the Bell helicopter, disdain for a museum with no dinosaurs… many of our absolute favorite “MoMA stories” were left by kids, from toddlers to teenagers. So for our second post about the “I went to MoMA and…” project, it wasn’t hard to pick a theme. Read more