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February 27, 2014  |  Collection & Exhibitions
Apollinaire’s Visual Poetry

As artists continue to expand the definition of drawing, and art historians redefine the medium accordingly, the kinds of works on paper we acquire have become increasingly unorthodox, ranging from room-size installations to the traces of performances. Yet sometimes a humble sheet of paper from the beginning of the 20th century is just as radical. Read more

January 9, 2014  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
Drawing Homage to León Ferrari (1920–2013)
Installation view, León Ferrari homage, The Museum of Modern Art, 2013

Installation view, León Ferrari homage, The Museum of Modern Art, 2013

One of the most relevant figures in 20th-century art, and a paradigm of the communion of art and politics, León Ferrari sadly passed away last July, at age 92. Paying homage to his achievements and extraordinary legacy, a selection of his work, drawn from MoMA’s collection, was recently on view outside the Museum’s second-floor Marron Atrium. Read more

April 24, 2013  |  Collection & Exhibitions
Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

A Trip from Here to There, a recently opened collection exhibition in the Paul J. Sachs Drawings Galleries organized by Jodi Hauptman, Curator, Department of Drawings, and Luis Pérez-Oramas, the Estrellita Brodsky Curator of Latin American Art, explores how peripatetic artists represent the routes of their wanderings. Though the paths they trace are personal, many of these artists adopt printed maps as their starting points; Read more

January 24, 2013  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
Avant-Abstraction: Kupka and Mondrian Represent
Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872–1944). Chrysanthemum. 1906. Charcoal on paper, 14 1/4 x 9 5/8" (36.2 x 24.5 cm). Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Armand P. Bartos

Piet Mondrian. Chrysanthemum. 1906. Charcoal on paper, 14 1/4 x 9 5/8″ (36.2 x 24.5 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Armand P. Bartos

Among the groundbreaking artists included in the exhibition Inventing Abstraction, 1910–1925, currently on view in MoMA’s sixth-floor galleries, are František Kupka (Czech, 1871–1957) and Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872–1944). Like the other luminaries represented in the show, beginning in the second decade of the 20th century, Kupka and Mondrian jettisoned figuration and pioneered an art of pure form. Read more

December 12, 2012  |  Collection & Exhibitions
“What Can I Do with It?”: Activating Franz Erhard Walther’s First Work Set

On selected dates, trained activation facilitators have been stationed in the Drawings Galleries to assist visitors in using the interactive components of Franz Erhard Walther’s First Work Set—a unique work that requires the physical interaction of the viewer to be complete. Read more

April 12, 2012  |  Collection & Exhibitions
Marcel Jean, Witness and Sometime Actor

Currently on view in the third-floor drawings galleries, Exquisite Corpses: Drawing and Disfiguration includes five works that belong to this titular category of collaborative creation. The “exquisite corpse” was a parlor game played by Surrealist artists and poets in Paris in the 1920s. Read more

February 16, 2012  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
A Few More Ways of Looking at a Keith Haring

Keith Haring. Untitled. 1982. Ink on two sheets of paper, sheet: 72 x 671 1/2" (182.9 x 1705.6 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the Estate of Keith Haring, Inc. © 2012 The Keith Haring Foundation

The monumental 1982 Keith Haring drawing Untitled is not often on view, so its inclusion in the Museum’s current installation Contemporary Galleries: 1980–Now seems like an ideal opportunity to think about how this artist’s iconic visual language fits into the larger story of 20th-century art. Read more

October 20, 2011  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
To Collect

Richard Serra. Verb List. 1967–68.

Richard Serra. Verb List. 1967–68. Graphite on paper, 2 sheets, each 10 x 8" (25.4 x 20.3 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the artist in honor of Wynn Kramarsky. © 2011 Richard Serra/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

“Drawing is a verb,” the artist Richard Serra once said. An important new acquisition for MoMA’s Department of Drawings, Serra’s Verb List (1967–68) serves as a kind of manifesto for this pronouncement. Read more

June 23, 2010  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
A Closer Look at Robert Ryman’s Classico 5

Robert Ryman. Classico 5. 1968

My colleagues in the Department of Drawings and I are often asked about our criteria for defining what a drawing is. The short answer is that a drawing is typically defined as any unique (non-print) work of art with a paper material support. Taking this question one step further, I often think: Why did the artist use paper and not, for instance, a canvas? In what ways do the materials used by an artist lend themselves to the work, and how do they play out in the composition itself? Read more

April 2, 2010  |  Do You Know Your MoMA?
Do You Know Your MoMA? 04/02/2010

How well do you know your MoMA? Above are images of works from the MoMA collection that are currently on view in the galleries. If you think you can identify the artist, title, and location of each work, please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post.  We’ll provide the answers—along with some information about each work—next Friday, along with the next Do You Know Your MoMA? challenge.