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April 25, 2011  |  Collection & Exhibitions, Design
Off the Shelf: Design Finds

The Off the Shelf series explores unique MoMA publications from the Museum Archives.

Whether an attractive cover, unusual paper, or unique layout draws you in, no doubt you have experienced the joys of a beautifully designed book. Along these lines, every year AIGA selects the best in book and book cover design for its 50 Books/50 Covers award. Read more

February 19, 2010  |  Design, Tech
A Few Words with Legendary Web Designer Yugo Nakamura

The Design and the Elastic Mind website

We initially suggested five design firms as candidates to design and build the Design and the Elastic Mind website. Paola Antonelli, the exhibition curator, had gone through around twenty links from three firms when we showed her Yugo Nakamura’s personal site, The simple white page that greeted us was immediately invaded by dark, two-dimensional cascading balls. We watched for a few minutes, mesmerized by the simple physics of bouncing. Paola decided to go with Yugo’s firm, tha ltd., on the spot.

Yugo’s work has been inspirational to me since 1998, when I first came across MONO*crafts 2.0 (more on that below). In fact, I can honestly say that seeing that website was one of the reasons I decided to transition from print to web design. His site was among the first to effectively and convincingly instill “life”—flexibility, mutability, playfulness, depth, speed—into what was then a very static experience.

So it was quite an honor for me to ask him a few questions about his experience working on the Design and the Elastic Mind website, and about Web design in general. Read more