Rising Currents


I’m excited to see the results of all this research.


pretty sure you’d get more comments, etc, if you put a link to this blog on the exhibition page. current location of blog nested inside explore/inside_out/ structure may explain dearth of public comments.

saw the exhibit and attending the presentation afterward on 3/24/10, and had conflicted feelings. models and presentation are exciting, and addressing the problem of climate change and its impact on the city is timely and important. still, i had the nagging feeling that the language being used to frame the problem/solutions, is kinda chummy and insular, which deflect attention, rather than focus it. call me a nitpicker…

Great Exhibit! Very informative!
Keep up the good work!

Sign at the front of the exhibit treating sea level projection for 2080 as being in fifty years, and speaking of “up to” two foot increase (which could be 2 inches, or even a decrease) as equivalent to a two foot increase is yet anotyher example of AGW fanatics playing fast and loose with the numbers.

Really interesting! I learned a ton from this, it’s great to know.

Great exhibit,really interesting!
I’d like to see the results of this project.
Should be great. Good job.

very interesting

Great show, fascinating data. 2 feet of water rising could be disastrous to manhattan.

J can’t understand everything because J don’t speak english very well. J think that these projects are very interesting, but it would be very important to prevent the global warming instead of spending a lot of money for such expensive projects.Kisses.


This September I will be starting my college course in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, and this gallery has made me even more enthused, amazed, excited and inspired about entering this field.

A HUGE! well done on these projects to all involved. A fantastic exhibit!!!

Ewen Grant – Scotland – Aged 17

I like the idea about the “New NYC” but it has to be more GREEN!!!!!

I think this project has a couple of floses and could possibly work but it is going to take a while for it to completely work. Also people arent always going to help out many will just ignore this because they dont believe in global warming or any of this they believe in simply because they are in denile. hope best of luck on this pipe dream and future projects.

I’m sucked to learn that the ‘Big Apple’ will go under! Would you be kind enough to advice where could I learn more about your work to save the city?

Thanks for your great work!


Congrats! Good ideas

hi i think this exibit is really good and we shoud go green an going green is good fro the envriment

It’s a very good museum ! I like that !

Very nice.

Hugely exciting! WOW! Working with the land and sea, not against it. I truly believe we’re heading in the right direction. Thank you for the work to make this happen

Congratulations for the exhibition.
Very interesting ideas.

This is quite lovely.

I LOVE this museum.It is very interesting.Working with the land and sea is interesting.

I think this museum is INCREDIBLE!The paintings are interesting and amazing.

When you throw an apple in water, it floats.

This museum is very intrestinqq….i like it a lot…nd i hope other poeple visit it tew..!!!lol!!

i thought this exhibit was very creative and unique. the rocks and all the buildings were soo coool.

I think this is a really important project and you guys have come up with some great ideas!

France is a very very very very beautiful contry! I LOVE FRANCE!

Very vivid expression methods and really deep thoughts for the city!

This info needs a broader audience eg. television -cable-I learned alot but many people can’t afford to get to or get into Moma!

don’t forget to find a solution for the next problem to be created: still standing fresh water will cause a huge mosquito problem. people won’t be able to live there.

I was looking the exhibition last month… and it was an invaluable experience… The big scale model of Manhattan is awesome..
the research about environment is deeply.
Marcelo Massimi

At one level a fantastic project, show and website. Innovative at many levels. BUT…the technical language of design is a major form of distance from the masses who need to understand what the teams are talking about. For at least thirty years people have been creating media that explains complex concepts in science in language that average people can understand and get excited about. Some of these people needed to be engaged in the process of the construction of this exhibition. Also – what good does it do to stick this exhibit in the rarefied halls of MOMA? Maybe the show should travel to the American Museum of Natural History, next. The entrance fees are a lot less expensive. Also – the work could have done a better job teasing out how all of this design will impact the diversity of communities in the region – how human beings relate.

I have not seen yet the exhibition but will do so in May. But from the few video clips (largely of Team 0, Lower Manhattan) I come away with the impression that the term “infrastructure” was used not holistically. In particular: have the teams addressed how to integrate the current transportation infrastructure (rail and road tunnels crossing the Hudson and East River, and subways connecting the 4 out of 5 boroughs) with your “new New York”. Much of this infrastructure is at risk of being flooded from sea level rise and storm surges. I hope, when I see the exhibit at MOMA, that adaptive measures to protect or modify these essential transportation systems and reduce their vulnerabilities to SLR cum storm surges have been fully integrated into the designs. If not – these would be of little value and utility, despite the otherwise great concepts of a “softer” waterfront put forward. Any response from the teams would be most welcome.

excellent exhibition, oin which you seem to REALLY care about the environment surrounding NY. As it is my first time here and I have found a wonderful city, I’d love to see it preserved!! Good job teams!!

Wow! If lower Manhattan will be 20% underwater by 2100 I wonder what San Francisco will be like? Very interesting.

this was a fabulous exibit it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wish my bf, max was here 2 c it!

Fascinating exhibit! I have attended once and will definitely be back for more. The designs are thought out and well planned I truly would recommend this to anyone that visits the MOMA. And I encourage everyone reading these comments to do the same if you haven’t already! This deals directly with the impact that the melting ice caps will have on cities like NYC. Whether you believe in global warming or not this is still an amazing display of ingenuity!

great museum . !!!

The exhibit is great. The videos and models explain just exactly how you want the project to under go…Best of luck to this project if it is going to take place and i hope it doesnt interupt or ruin the the marine life taking place in our New York City Harbors and our oceans.

This is an excellent exhibit. However, it neglected to discuss an important area susceptible to sea level rise that has been undergoing extensive redevelopment, the Rockaways. While results of sea level rise may spell impending doom, it would be nice to still see it addressed.

This is a great exhibit and a great concept.

Excellent exhibit. My wife and I really enjoyed the information and presentation.

good idea, boy!

well, in the early 2030s aliens will arrive to earth… and tell dumb human beings that neither the idea of man made global worming nor the rise of sea level are real and just a good idea to gain huge profits.

Jai rien compris!!!

it’s awsome

incredible! more people must to take care of global warming and thanks for do it.

Great to observe an example of the intersection between art, architecture, and environmental science. I’ve never been to a museum that so thoroughly outlines what society needs.

I love ur IDEA!!!!!

I am glad that bright minds are seeing the opportunity in this on-coming crisis. It appears that New York will be coming into a more “traditional” relationship with its environment such like the early Native Americans. I applaud their looking into the wealth of wisdom in history that can be “rejiggered” for modern usage. Congratulations for being proactive and not allowing New York City to sink into the sea as Venice is doing, nor ruined by less than thorough, slap-dash solutions that failed in New Orleans. These ideas and plans give rise to hope for a new and improved future rather than an apocalyptical terror of a new Dark Ages. I hope I am still alive to see all these new wonders!

This was a fantastic exhibit! One of the best things here, the wooden divers were my favorite!!!

its awesome!

Simple question–What is it going to cost to build the infrastructure changes proposed for lower Manhattan?

Great idea!!!
I m a italian architect and i think it s amazing!!!!!

A very interesting prospective of what should be rather than what will be. I find it invigorating to think about this apparatus, justing knowing what you have come up with lightens my days I hope it becomes a reality.

I am interested to know where you bought these chairs very comfy.

Good luck on your project.

Perhaps this is the “ah-ha” moment for me in this century of visits to MOMA. My first moment was when I visited in the 50’s with my mom, stood in front of a Jackson Pollack, then decided I was an artist to be. Here, today, this exhibit confirms my desire to make little mess of the planet, to embrace forward thinking concepts such as this “Rising Currents” visionary exhibit and to come back in the next life as an architect. NYC and surroundings deserve this sort of futuristic, reality study. Ok, then, I will now return to the high desert with new respect for what needs to be done to prepare for future changes in climate.

I thought this place was very neat!!!! bye bye

i think that this is a great museum!!!! very interesting

Thanks for this marvelous exhibit. As a climate change activist, I am encouraged by the obvious seriousness with which you approached the projects. The estimates of SLR that you used are refreshingly realistic (at least for today!). The creativity and scope of thinking that you brought to the task is impressive.

We’re beginning to work on an adaptation plan for our little town, so I may be getting in touch with some of you as we get going.

S. David Stoney, Jr., Ph.D.
Director, Kitchen Table Climate Study Group
McClellanville, SC 29458
843 8873378

Wow! I’m getting hungry. The thought of eating raw oysters harvested from the Gowanus Canal is a little hard to swallow! However, it definitely caused me to rethink the possibilities. I especially liked the idea of the dock/oyster nursery.

Very cool!

For Aaron Forrest ( aka “First-Amendment Forrest”)

Hopefully, you’ll recognize who this is by the name I used for you. In any case, I really enjoyed the exhibit and plan to buy the book. Too bad this sort of study wasn’t done 30 years ago for New Orleans -and implemented!

I particularly liked how you utilized obsolete structures, materials, and waste -rather than “clean them up” which creates its own problem. Also how industry readily co-exists with the environment, rather than “hiding it”.

Increasing the coastline around LSP creates great economic opportunity. As a native of Bay Ridge, I look forward to returning home for some GREAT seafood!

art is an avenue to creating awareness! Great work.

I never knew any of this. thanks1

Found the info fascinating but unclear in execution. The volume of ideas was tremendous but I had difficulty connecting with a clear problem/solution explanation. Ideas are gathered and layered without a clarity which allows most to take in the real situation and proposed solutions in a manageable way. Thanks for all the great info though! High hopes for some implementation!!

Wonderful projects, smartest idea ! And it’s really interesting how much a lot of them try to outperform how the nature and the ancient people tried to keep safe their cities and live. Adopting innovative solutions and materials.
In Europe we have cities that reached yet the limit for a normal life. Venice for example, hope to see your exhibition all around the world,
hope to be back soon and see some results !
Great job

sounds good!:)

a great future business in the name of Sustainability

the moma is fantastic especially the part about design and contemporary art. my sister is 12 and thinks that the visit was very boring!

i really love New Aqueous City’s video that simply explains its fundamentals, and I also love Working Waterline’s re-imagining of bio/energy reuse.

I’d also like to see one more re-imagining – something that involves the ordinary citizen. What is it that the ordinary citizen can do to engage each other and themselves in this new common cause. For global warming people switch to bikes or experiment with bio-fuels. And for other such reasons, people practice safe sex or vegetarianism. What can be done in the present or near-future that involves ordinary citizens?

First: what reason unites them? (buffer the city against water turmoil, merge with nature through bio/energy reuse, lower the water levels using conservation)

Second: what activities are fun, gratifying, worthwhile, or viscerally measurable?

Creating ways for citizens to grapple with this environmental change prepares them psychologically for this foreign environmental disruption and also mobilizes consensus to direct resources to this upcoming need.

How will we, all of us, at any time, engage with this new threat? What is it exactly that threatens us? And what are our means to address it? What are the immutable facts that we must face?

This exhibit was a great introduction to an unfamiliar concern. Thank you.

pretty awesome!

I’m from Philly and it shows just how great New York is. Very forward thinking and planning for the future.

I’m a french architect and have visited this brilliant exhibition 2 months ago. All the projects and their presentations show great qualities! I’m really impressed. BRAVO!

great way to show new york like it is good job

it was very fascinating !

I found the “Rising Currents” exhibition to be extremely fascinating and ground-breaking. I am currently studying my Masters of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne in Australia and I am looking forward to taking back my learnings from this exhibition to the classroom. There is much to discuss!

The processes and technology for all plans are viable but how well would they work together. Walking around I noticed that with the varied coastline that one plane could not protect or serve the full NYC/ New Jersey bay area. Perhaps with some refinement all five plans can be put into effect for the advancement of the Bay area. Other than that concern all five plans are well though out and show remarkable creativity and insperation for saving NYC. Any and all of these proposed ideas would certanly be better that the current process of creating “hard” dams, and leaves.

in valencia we have two museums, IVAM and MUVIM where there are art projects from famous artists such as spanish and english. I recomend you to visit them if possible in internet.
Valencia, Spain.

It`s cool

Well, what can I say? People take pictures of other people and earn a lot of money on it.. And the pictures aren’t even nice. Oh yeah, and some people draw stuff resembling other stuff. Kudos to you. <3 from Norway

NICE simply breath taking.

the pictures and the fotos are laim but the interect prts are cool

Who would pay for this? Why not abandon lower manhattan and build a higher sea wall?

Good museum, I like the Little city in polyester

When you give architects a problem, they give you buildings. Instead on focusing on what we can do to stop global warming, the exhibition proposes more buildings. We won’t have to deal with all this if we start living in sustainable way. We simply cannot let the sea rise 2′. The exhibition is impressive but I wonder what good will come out of this.

this place needs to get some real art.

very coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool muesum

Does this project only apply to the grounds the teams are studying??
I asked this question because if so, what do you do to the grounds that have different environment issues and landscapes??

its a good idea

It is an interesting museum

It was beautiful, extremely well done and VERY interesting! I hope to come back again!


i really like all the ideas that these people have.

Awesome, but please have some more interactive stuff, but still, GREAT work!

This exposition is very interesting. I think a lot of people love this.


Superb exhibition – stimulating and provocative. Very useful/important in presenting the potential of architectural approaches in considering the very significant global/infrastructural pressures of rising sea levels – what the role of architecture is/can become even more strongly. Exhibition really accessibly presented (especially to a first time visitor to New York…from Ireland). Amazing models and drawings – very tactile even without touching! Great work! May more of these kinds of thinking projects continue to be encouraged, and also to be exhibited.

wow some terrific ideas and magnificent visuals

im from mexico city and this museum is amazing!!
all the exhibitions are soooooo coool!!!

this is a fascinating exhibit that probably required significant funding. hopefully, this will inspire funding to be redirected into making aspects of these projects a reality. there isn’t much time!

i found the oyster-tecture exhibit to have the least impact. i was fascinated by the rethinking of the relationship of land and water in a number of the exhibits. also, the exhibits that took into account more global issues such as the changing transportation routes as well as the exhibits that could be applicable on a larger scale to be the most fascinating.

All of these solutions are creative, detailed, and frankly, pretty far above my head. I’d be curious to know more about each of them. In particular, the “oyster-tecture” exhibit seemed like a great way to reclaim coastline, provide the city with a new park experience, and harness energy in environmentally-friendly ways. However, it seemed lacking a bit in information on the effect the oyster structure would have on withstanding rising ocean levels and the potential for increased storm surges.

Great work, I really like those ideas, I’m really satisfied of the Museum

Great exhibition!!

It’s a really interesting exhibition but by the time the sea level increases I won’t be here.

This is a very expensive museum, and a bit empty considering how much I paid. Dont understand the flood stuff everyone is talking about above, and think you might have put nicer pictures in the museum. The Tate in London is much more exciting and has a great collection of Rothko. There was a very rude lady letting us into the building today. We are like sheep, being herded around and we paid for the experience. What a load of schmucks we, the public are!!!!

Where is my comment? I left a long one, and think I am being screened. How terribly annoying cos it took me ages to write.
Had a lovely, if expensive time in New York. Off to Philly today and hope it is cheaper there. It is nice to sit and have a little time to write down my experiences of the last few days, and I thank you for that. Nice to see you MOMA. Art is for everyone, keep it up
Blessings and love

I don t speak english very good but your museum is not bad

I loved the oyster-tecture!!!!!

You should add a hands on/children’s place at the museum

the only way to is to change our way between each other to love

My nefarious plot to raise the sea levels has been discovered, and I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

hi Jane, the only comments we screen are those that contain offensive language or personal attacks, are off-topic, or are self-promotional. Apologies if your comment was not any of these and was inadvertently not published.

This museum is very inspiring and interesting. It really relates to me.

Y’all think you can make an exhibit like this for Houston/Galveston? Texans just don’t get it.

this all looks so cool especially the ideas of integrating industrial with natural things is so, well … awesome!

I love to come across exhibits like this at the MoMA. I was completely fascinated by it and the brilliant people behind such amazing ideas. Hopefully, such an exhibit gets conversations started to stimulate others that did not even know that they had an interest in this! well done.

Ich finde die Ausstellung sehr interessant:)

I thought this was an exceptional exhibit. My favorite part was the foam plans in the center. They really drew in my attention.

THe best i’ve seen yet! 4 stars!

Awesome research. Living in Central Florida, we are bound to see new coastlines right in our own backyards. People who don’t live near the water have no idea what all this means. This is definitely good research for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sharing.

awesome!! this looks realy cool!1 see ya!

this is great. i hope it serves to inform people about what our world is coming to and encourages them to take action.

this is a cool museum!!!!

I dont like

this is great because it’s helps us (u.s.a) to be perpared to wat is about to happen

This a very cool museum.I hope to come back soon.I also learned many intesting facts. At first i thought it would be boring.But it turned out to be pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this museum is fantastic and very,very good . bye, bye america!

Informative and optimistic but of course a tad idealistic.

Hope something comes of all the great plans, most of the time they get lost in bureaucracy (forgive me for not spelling right, I’m Dutch)!


The exbhit is awesome. Some stuff is kinda weird but in generally its great

the museum is great and it haves great stuff. it was really nice, i really enjoyed it. There were pictures that i didn’t even knew were here

The exhibits are incredible. I especially enjoyed Architecture I — wanted so badly to sit in the chair made of a “mound of paper”!! That is my only complaint. Visitors should be allowed much more in the way of seating for resting. I have knee problems and need seating frequently AND at an appropriate height. The small amount of seating is much too low for me.

This is an amazing exhibit. It is really interesting and cool . I love this museum and I always like to come and see the unique new exhibits. I like the Days exhibit too .

wish you the best of luck. I think the project should have started 10 years ago

by far the best display in all of the museam. very interesting

This was an amazing exhibit, the styrofoam display was the most eye-catching.

This exhibition was executed beautifully. While I’d expect to see this in a science museum more than the MoMA, it immediately engrossed me and seems to be a very logical plan for the sustainable ‘renovation’, per se, of New York City.

The exhibition was also designed extremely well, and presented almost magically (more so than the iPad).

Soooo awesome! Well done.

I have really enjoyed this exhibit I wish you all well bye

this exhibition is perfect for people with insomnia. its dullness will make anyone fall asleep, so thank you, because i finally slept for half an hour, the first time in over a week. but you should put beds.

that was awsome, seriously. But i wonder if all the painting are the originals ?

hm…LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely incredible. The most inspiring exhibit I’ve ever seen.

Really great exhibit! The city should definitely try to use these proposed projects to their advantage and involve urban youth/disadvantaged populations. Involve as many population demographics and there will be greater results. Also, including more public transportation into the system (as subways may experience severe problems from flooding- they already have huge problems with water entering the systems).

Great work! Very good work in the plastic section and very clear exposition. Again, great work!

The exhibit was very interesting! I am a current art student at College of Dupage and I am going to Columbia School of the Arts at Chicago in the Fall. My artistic values and artistic eye helped me better understand the creativity of this exhibit. It is, by far, one of the most interesting exhibits ever. Born and raised in Chicago, I went to the Chicago, art has always been my interest area. Anyway, great job with the exhibit!

very good

this is, like…. amazing!!

plus awesome, freaky, and radical!

It’s an awesome museum! But the screaming thing is freaking annoying….

This is beautifullll

Good Stuff! I Like it!


THIS MUSUEM WAS SO FREAking AwEsOmE!!!!!!!!!! NeEDs moRE bAThroOMs THOUgh


this project is extremely interesting but i agree with one fellow above who commented that we should be more focused into facing the global warming itself! however it might be too late for that now…anyway i’m really looking forward to see the results of the project and i hope it works and it can be expanded to other islands as well that are threatened from this phenomenon..for example my country, cyprus!!!

Kate Orff’s Oyster-Tecture project is a visionary imagining of the Gowanus. NY has a rich history as a foodsource, and her idea of resurrecting oyster beds and other habitats of long-gone native species is an inspiring homage, not to mention forward/future-looking. Mayor Bloomberg, make this happen!

Gorgeous exhibit. Was first impressed with boat tour. Pleased to see the space and layout at the museum is perfection. Bravo!

This is very interesting.

its nice

cool. prosto super))))))

it was all very nice here. I would come back here as soon as possible.


Inspiring. This exhibit had nothing to do with my attendance at the museum today but it was one of the most uplifting and thought provoking things I encountered. Thank you. What things are possible if we have the will.

sincerament, el millor museu de la ciutat. espais unics, amb fotografies impactants. diferent a un tipic museu.
s.ha de repetir altre cop

intersting exibit, not something i would expect to see here. but it raises a valid point.

un’esplosione di bellezza.

This is an outstandingly gutless and benign exhibition.

It provides greenwash to a populace about a global warming future.

The exhibition says to me- “won’t New York be cool and exciting with another two feet of water, we can design and engineer all these amazing things and New York will be greener and more beautiful than ever.”

It provides no insight into the costs and suffering catastrophic climate change will bring; No mention of the spread of diseases, the increased number of deaths from heat stroke, no mentions of the impacts of reduced water supply and increasing droughts.

Don’t you remember the hundreds that died in the heatwave in Chicago in the nineties? The morgues were overflowing. That is the future of life in a city under global warming, not this greened-up fantasy.

It is a white bread, plain vanilla and perhaps rose-colored view of the future.

It might, just might be likely that NYC can re-engineer itself to buffer itself from the worst effects of global warming. But just think about the several hundred million in India and Bangladesh that live within a few feet of sea level or the numerous Pacific Island Nations that will simply cease to exist.

I though modern art was a useful tool to provide a critique on how we live. If this is modern art it is a sad reflection on who we are today.

this place is awesome

Bravo Tim.

This technically skillful exhibition leaves one wondering whether its creators gave any thought to the human inhabitants of Manhattan, now or (God forbid) if the waters rise.

This exhibit, simply put, is epic

Two groups lacked imagination and seem to have perpetuated current technology instead of envisioning new technology. The attention to transportation and developing ecosystems, parks and new marine life was inspiring and timely. I’d have appreciated more technical info rather than less.

tres beau musee !!!!! felicitation

complimenti, lavoro eccellente

I really don’t understand anything….
I had other idea of this.

WONDERFUL. From your mouth to Gods (or whoevers ear.

you should start helping other countries to start develope!i mean Romania!

If only developing nations such as Bangladesh and Pakistan had the resources to protect their cities from the developed world’s reckless warming of the earth.

i think some of these solutions are truly practical and novel, as well as functional and desperately needed, but i shudder to think about what will happen as/when it’s time to start taking action, because as we’ve seen with the redeveloping at ground zero, big money and politics often leave the best laid plans of mice and men squandered as we wonder what might have been if we’d acted sooner. nevertheless, great job to all the teams involved, and i wish you all the best of luck and speedy action.

absolutely incredible project. Hope this works out, New York needs this!

i left my heart here….. i love this place…

sick with a “q.u.e.”

Amazing interplay between art, science, and politics.

This exhibit was fantastic! I really enjoyed it, especially since I’m majoring in Environmental Engineering. There are so many amazing ideas and I really hope to see more of them. I’m definitely going to make a trip back to look at this exhibit again; I’ve already told some friends to check it out. =]

it’s beautiful!!!!!

it was amiazing. I had enjojed very mach.

I think NY should start with a more extensive recycling program.

yo so like i was not into this joint at all son son and fo really it aint that dope and i am on the cusp of the art world so get at me son. me and mi girl is out.

Great exhibit! I really liked it!

Exhibit was very cool. Having security call me an idiot, not cool.

this exhibit was very fun, i love the moma, it’s so great!!!!!!

very interesting

What will be the lasting effect of the project on the in and out flow of the tide in the Hudson? I was under the impression that increasing landfill speeds the tide and is destroying the seafloor below the river. Regardless, good luck with your efforts.

i loved the exibition like i loved any other one at the moma. there are always changing exibitions that are new and different from what there is at other museums … go moma!!!!!

holis, me encanta el museum chaiis

la visita al museo ha supuesto para mi acercarme al arte moderno desde una nueva perspectiva mas cercana mas fresca mas real…

hi people

Very exciting and wonderful exhibition on the future of this beautiful town.

this has blown me away. stunning. i don’t understand a single thing in here or how it qualifies as pieces of art but it is absolutely amazing that so many people turn up and gawp at it. if 500 people voted on the greatest pieces of art would any of them appear in this gallery? no.

The first step in creating solutions is acknowledging that a problem exists. I admire the creativity of the various teams. I hope that the larger effect of their work is that citizens develop a wider awareness and concern about the challenges that sea level rise poses to the City.

Instead of working around a disaster, how about preventing it?
Sort out a decent program to stop abuse of resource wasting behavior (huge cars, A/C’s constantly on at very cold settings, energy efficient appliances, etc) and keep Manhatan (and the rest of the world) as it is. If you need help, take advice from the rest of the planet.
MoMA is always nice to visit though…

The art museum was a wonderful experience! We had a good time, albiet it was long:) hopefuly, the projects are successful!

Very informative! There’s lots to learn, MoMA is amazing! I will definitely come back here soontimes (:

Cool very nice and informative too.

I am happy to see people taking an interest in the future of our seas and oceans. Drastic steps need to be taken to prevent the destruction of some of the places and things we hold dearest. Keep up the good work.

Found a link to this exhibit on a friend’s Facebook post, and am disappointed that the presentations aren’t online. I realize that the exhibit is the MOMA’s intellectual property, but this is the first (that I’ve seen) large-scale media piece that treats rising water as an inevitability, and gets people to think about actually preparing for it. It helps precipitate an important mental shift, and it would be great if more people had access to these ideas. What of those from other countries that won’t be able to make it to the museum and see it for themselves? Please consider posting the presentations.

Wonderfully designed project. It’s really freakin’ scary, but the architects have done a great job presenting solutions and practical plans. Very creative.

Excellent to see artists engaged in telling the story.
The issue is not just sea rise, but what will be left living in the sea.
Someone needs to tell the bloke doing the oystertechture that the anticipated acidification of the sea will mean that many species, like oysters, will not be able to make their shells. Current anticipated death (on conservative carbon pollution trajectories) of significant sea species is 2100. Hope you like jellyfish!
Agree with post above on sharing this show – it is important.

muy bueno…excelente, supermegaextraordinario,good choice, ai dont now jau to spik inglich.

Looks very impressive. Are there any Dutch companies involved, they have a lot of knowledge about water management.

doing the Dutch thing – how apropos form ma Dutch island!

love it!

love it! great!

beautiful museum with tons of good, yet hard to understand exhibits…. but love it anyway

i dont have words to say.but i can say:thats very cool

It’s real ? NYC will be under water in 90 years ?
If so – we must act now … this exhibition is asset …

I was deeply offended by the oyster tecture concept as a jew. as you well know, oysters are not kosher! what place will we (the jewish people) have in such an environment?

I’m ex United Nations development. Global action could stop and even reverse most sea level rise, and these ideas would be nice but redundant. Eg massive carbon capture machines like Columbia University’s Docherty Earth Observatory is working on could substantially cool the earth’s climate. And space elevators could pump excess seawater out into space. World growth could be substantially speeded up by 2X to 3X to pay for this if national resources are forced into the high value potential components of all economies instead of most resources going into value shedding components which is bankrupting all advanced economies. No economy in the world so far is using value mapping and targeting or the associated huge efforts for soft system change. Clinton, Bush and Obama sadly all have it wrong.

why is urban design/planning/architecture so uniformly bad? this exhibition does well to show us how little these entries have actually considered about the problem at hand. rather than giving well thought out solutions to potentially real problems we’re treated to glossy images constructed more for the sake of the image than communicating an idea or solution. when will what you say matter as much as how you say it?

Are we really all so eager for the chance to produce innovative or politically relevant work that we’re willing to stoop to this? Could someone–one of you, please, if you can–tell me what separates the work included in this exhibition from propaganda in the interest of those who are paying for it?

The optimist in me eagerly awaits your response.

this is a terrible museum.

The solution is not “aqueous city.” That is absurd. The solution is STOP EMITTING GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS.

I am sickened by this exhibit because it is based on the premise that destroying the planet and thus severely harming millions of people is okay.

The consequences of harming the planet are severe, severe, severe. This discussion about an “aqueous city” should not even be on the table. All of these “architects” and “designers” should be putting their effort into figuring out how to STOP climate change, instead of accepting it and trying to design your way out of it. It is WRONG to accept the fact that destroying the planet is okay.

Do you honestly think that present day society, economy and industry will exist once the polar ice caps have melted? “Once the polar ice caps have melted, new shipping lanes = new economy.” That is just one example of how out-of-touch and useless all of these ideas are. This exhibit is embarrassing, please take it down.

Very impressive exhibition. Ambitious ideas to hold back the sea.
I wonder why Venice can’t do it but the engineers for NYC think they can. Too much confusing information in general. Sometimes too much information gets in the way.

A very important presentation indeed. As a recent environmental science graduate, I was pleased by the attention and level of detail this exhibition showed. I would be very interested in seeing what impact this exhibition has on policymakers. Great work! I hope MoMA will continue to bring us similar exhibitions in the spirit of public service.

in these moments we need projects like the one of matthew baird architects, to change our cities and have a new better way of life and thinking at the same time in the nature and city.
Very good job thanks!!!

I’m an art teacher at a wonderful magnet school in Florida. My students in the 4th grade are creating reproductions from the works of David White, Franz Marc and Chen Yingjie. How do I go about getting permission to reproduce their paintings.

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