June 30, 2014
This Week at MoMA: June 30–July 6

This week, as we celebrate the Fourth of July, MoMA’s summer live-music programming begins, along with film debuts, new exhibitions, and much more. Join us!

June 27, 2014
Warm Up 2014 Is Here

Warm Up, MoMA PS1’s vibrant annual music series, has become a staple of New York City summers. The series features a curated program that explores a vast range of experimental music, live bands, and DJs.

June 26, 2014
The Innovation Route: The Journey Is the Destination

R&D, or research and development, is commonly associated with innovation. Museums, traditionally, are not. Museums are associated with history. Even when displaying contemporary art, they look back into a recent history, not the future. Innovation [...]

June 25, 2014
The Cien House: Building Conceptions in Space

I’m a big fan of buildings, which is to say walking around looking at buildings, taking city architecture tours by bike, or car trips out to a particular site, checking out exteriors, interiors—all of it. [...]

June 24, 2014
Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God

These notes accompany screenings of Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God on June 25, 26, and 27 in Theater 2. I would argue that no director in film history has moved so successfully back [...]

June 23, 2014
The Subway and the City: Massimo Vignelli, 1931–2014

When Massimo Vignelli, one of the greatest graphic designers of the 20th century, was close to death in mid-May, his son Luca informed the whole design community—at Vignelli’s request—so we could say goodbye with our [...]

June 23, 2014
This Week at MoMA: June 23–29

This week’s picks include programs and exhibitions that celebrate contemporary art and filmmaking, and give visitors of all ages a chance to explore art in a hands-on way. Come and see for yourself:

June 20, 2014
Talking John Cage with David Platzker and Jon Hendricks

I had the pleasure of speaking with David Platzker and Jon Hendricks, curators of There Will Never Be Silence: Scoring John Cage’s 4’33″ (October 12, 2013 to June 22, 2014), about the development of the [...]

June 20, 2014
Inside Flaherty at MoMA: Turning the Inside Out—Duncan Campbell, Raqs Media Collective, and CAMP

I have been viewing many interesting film and media works by contemporary artists and filmmakers while attending the Flaherty Seminar at Colgate University in upstate New York. Three artists representing a cross section of the [...]

June 18, 2014
Hito Steyerl’s HOW NOT TO BE SEEN: A F**king Didactic Educational .MOV File

I go to bed with my phone. It’s often the last thing I look at before falling asleep, and the first thing I touch in the morning. There’s no shortage of people thinking about this [...]

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