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June 17, 2013  |  Intern Chronicles
“We Are the Museum”: From the Kochi-Muziris Biennale to Mumbai

The 2012 Kochi-Muziris Biennale

Having never visited a biennial—a fancy name for a recurring exhibition that explores the state of contemporary art—I had always been curious about this art-world phenomenon that has populated almost every nook and cranny of the globe Read more

June 3, 2013  |  Intern Chronicles
Guns and Design
Claes Oldenburg. Empire (Papa) Ray Gun. 1959. Vija Celmins. Gun with Hand #1. 1964.

From left: Claes Oldenburg. Empire (Papa) Ray Gun. 1959. Casein on papier-mâché over wire. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the artist. © 1959 Claes Oldenburg. Photo: MoMA Imaging Services; Vija Celmins. Gun with Hand #1. 1964. Oil on canvas. Gift of Edward R. Broida in honor of John Elderfield. © 2013 Vija Celmins

If you visit Claes Oldenburg’s Ray Gun Wing, currently on display in MoMA’s Marron Atrium, you can see his collection of toy guns, metal gun-like constructions, and gun-evoking pieces of detritus, all arrayed like exotic butterflies in a naturalist’s cabinet of wonder. Read more

MoMA Learning Community Spotlight: Phaedra Mastrocola at Berkeley Carroll Lower School, Brooklyn
Visual Arts teacher Phaedra Mastrocola works with 2nd and 4th graders at Berkeley Carroll Lower School, Brooklyn

Visual Arts teacher Phaedra Mastrocola works with second- and fourth-graders at Berkeley Carroll Lower School, Brooklyn

One driving metaphor behind MoMA Learning—the museum’s digital hub for educational resources on modern and contemporary art—was that of a “tool box” or “kit”—an assemblage of parts that could be used, shared, and modified for a variety of learning environments and styles. Read more

November 8, 2012  |  Family & Kids, Visitor Viewpoint
MoMA Studio: Common Senses Welcomes Families After Hurricane Sandy

Visitors to MoMA Studio: Common Senses in the days after Hurricane Sandy. Photo by Jackie Armstrong

When I received notice that MoMA would be reopening to the public and its employees on Wednesday, October 31, after being closed for two days due to Hurricane Sandy, I have to admit that I wondered if it was too soon. Read more

July 9, 2012  |  Intern Chronicles
In Search of Lost Art: Kurt Schwitters’s Merzbau

Picture with Light Center by Kurt Schwitters, 1919

Kurt Schwitters. Picture with Light Center. 1919. Cut-and-pasted colored paper and printed paper, watercolor, oil, and pencil on board. Purchase. © 2012 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

It was a gray, humid day in Hannover, Germany, and I was on a mission: to experience the Merzbau, a room-sized, living sculptural construction by artist Kurt Schwitters. But how do you experience something that doesn’t exist? Read more

June 26, 2012  |  Intern Chronicles, Viewpoints
The Language of Access

The Louvre at sunset

How do you say “accessibility” in French? As the Community and Access Programs Twelve-Month Intern at MoMA, I had the opportunity to venture to Paris and see how museums there provide access for people with disabilities. Read more

June 18, 2012  |  Intern Chronicles
Crossovers: A Journey to Paris and London

The garden at Charleston Trust. Photo: Jasmine Helm

While crossing under the East River during my daily train ride on the LIRR, I recalled the train I took from Paris to London, which passed under a much larger body of water: the English Channel. In the weeks since my trip, I attempted to find a word to describe my journey, and I’ve determined that I experienced a series of crossovers Read more

June 11, 2012  |  Behind the Scenes, Intern Chronicles
Discovering the Sights and Sites of the Havana Biennial

Ellen leads the way as we descend into the ruins of the ballet school

After our cab driver takes us what feels far away from the city center of Havana—past brightly colored houses, ominous government buildings, and a circus tent—Ellen and I finally arrive at the Instituto Superior de Artes (ISA), or Higher Institute of Art. Read more

June 4, 2012  |  Behind the Scenes, Intern Chronicles
Music as Weather: Reflections on a Journey East

Sitting before a large glass window at Narita International Airport, en route back home to New York, I contemplated endings. For the past two weeks I had been traveling across Japan on a travel grant, researching Japanese performance and print culture from the historical avant-garde to the contemporary. Read more

May 21, 2012  |  Intern Chronicles, Viewpoints
A Seamless Whole: New Conceptions of Time and Space in Japan

“The world is one, a seamless whole, for those who can see it; for those who can learn to observe, to regard, to understand.”—Donald Richie

The hallway leading into Kurenboh, a "meditation gallery" attached to the Chohouin Buddhist Temple of Kuramae, Tokyo

As I emerged from Kurenboh, a gallery tucked away in the Kuramae area of Tokyo, the words of Donald Richie, former Curator of Film at MoMA (1969–72), resonated in my mind. Read more