March 30, 2012  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions, Film
Cindy Sherman on the Films in Carte Blanche: Cindy Sherman

In conjunction with MoMA’s current Cindy Sherman retrospective (on view through June 11), the artist selected films that have informed her artistic practice for a special Carte Blanche: Cindy Sherman film series (which runs April 2–10 in MoMA’s theaters). Below are Cindy Sherman’s comments on the films, as told to Lucy Gallun. Read more

March 29, 2012  |  Artists, Behind the Scenes
Celebrating Tibor Kalman and 20 Years of Blue Skies

Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson. Sky Umbrella. 1992

In 1992 the MoMA Design Store introduced a new umbrella to its product mix. The umbrella’s exterior gave away nothing more than a simple black canopy with a classic wooden handle. Once opened, however, a cheerful blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds was revealed, causing delight on even the rainiest of days. Read more

March 28, 2012  |  Library and Archives
Making Millennium Magazines

Installation view of the Millennium Magazines exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art, 2012

As we were brainstorming a name for our Library exhibition of contemporary experimental magazines, Millennium Magazines stuck because of its concise alliteration. The name also specifically isolates this recent period of time—post-Y2K—during which these publications have been flourishing despite constant conversations about the end of print culture. Read more

A Word with Eugène Atget

Cover of the publication Atget. John Szarkowski. 2000. The Museum of Modern Art, New York

In concert with the current photography exhibition Eugène Atget: “Documents pour artistes”, MoMA has republished Atget, a richly illustrated title first published by the Museum in 2000. Read more

March 23, 2012  |  Five for Friday
Five for Friday: Bracketology and Art

Five for Friday, written by a variety of MoMA staff members, is our attempt to spotlight some of the compelling, charming, and downright curious works in the Museum’s rich collection.

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is underway, and the even the President has weighed in with his choices for “the bracket.” Read more

March 22, 2012  |  Behind the Scenes, Film
Make It Giant: MoMA FILM!

Most of my friends are seasoned New Yorkers who know their way around the city—where to find the best restaurants, sample sales, and live music—but whenever I invite them to see a film at MoMA with me, I hear, “Oh, MoMA shows film? I had no idea! What, like black-and-white art flicks?” Read more

March 22, 2012  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
Lester Beall and the Rural Electrification Administration
Rural Electrification Administration

Lester Beall. Rural Electrification Administration. 1937. Lithograph, 40 x 30″ (101.6 x 76.2 cm). Gift of the designer

I won’t be naming any names, but recently someone admitted to me that they just don’t “get” posters. I don’t get what’s not to get. Read more

March 21, 2012  |  Artists, Behind the Scenes
Architect Collaborations at the MoMA Design Store: John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi

Architect's Cubes. John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi. 2010

The final post in our series on architect collaborations focuses on a duo familiar with inter-disciplinary work, but new to commercial product design.

Architect’s Cubes. John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi. 2010 Read more

March 20, 2012  |  Film
New Directors/New Films: All in a Good Year’s Work

New Directors/New Films 2012 opens on March 21 with the New York premiere of Nadine Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now?, and continues through April 1 with screenings of 28 more feature films from around the world. Read more

March 19, 2012  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions
Beyond Berlin, Beyond Belgrade, Beyond Bukhara

Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich. Fight of Scythians and Slavs. 1881. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Slavs and Tatars is a collective founded in 2006. Through their printed work, installations, and performance lectures, they investigate the spheres of cultural influence at work in the vastly complex regions east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China.  Read more